Come out and show what you got at the 5th Annual UL Lafayette Wakeboard tournament! Tournament starts August 16 and 17 at 11 AM on Saturday and ends Sunday. Come out early on Friday to take a couple practice runs on the lake as well as register early. Registration to enter tournament will be $40 a person and is open to both colleges and individuals as well.

Beginner- no spins higher than 180, no inverts
Girls- anything goes
Novice- no spins higher than 360, no more than 1 invert
Wakeskate- anything goes!
Intermediate- no spins higher than 540, no more than 3 inverts
Advanced- anything goes!

Point system judging format. Everybody rides both days of tournament with winners being determined on Sunday. You will be judged on style, difficulty, and execution. All divisions will be given a 2 passes and 2 falls (wakeskaters will be given 3 falls).

New for this year, we will be doing a team competition. Teams will cosists of 6 people per team (one person for each division). Each person of the team will compete in their division and be judged same as all other riders in their division. After each rider in the team has rode their totals will be added together to give a team total, this will determine the winner of the team competition.

NOTE: This is NOT limited to colleges! If you would like to enter the team competition with a group of friends you are welcome to do so! Also, if you compete as a team you can still win in your own individual division.

There are several hotels close to the lake since it is located behind the airport. The closest is the Days Inn which is located almost within walking distance to the lake. The address to the lake is 2431 SE Evangeline Trwy
Lafayette, LA 70508.

For more information please contact Ory Comeaux at (337) 278-1744, or Chase Guidry at (337) 654-1913,