In 1995, sliding docks and jibbing buoys was in its infancy, as proven by the contraption Erich is going over in this photo. There were no A-frames or flat rails floating around the lakes of Orlando back then. At the time it was either find a dock that worked or rig something together. No one had “built” a rail just yet. I remember thinking that just getting on that canoe was going to be sketchy, as the John boat it was strapped to was washing all over in the wakes of the tow boat. Apparently Erich wasn’t nearly as concerned. From what I can recall and from what I get from this image; Erich was wrapped going into this and oillied into it backside 180, then jibbed the back half of the canoe on his way over it. Note his bindings and ankle brace, quintessential Schmaltzy.