March 29th, 2011 by alliance
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More epic riding and cinematography from the Red Bull wake performance camp. Watch Steele, JD and Adam E. charge it in the name of progression.

More epic riding and cinematography from the Red Bull wake performance camp. Watch Steele, JD and Adam E. charge it in the name of progression.

14 Responses to “Red Bull High Performance Camp Extended”

  1. Jp Says:

    cool concept, but can we balance machines and drones that just flip and spin for the points and contests and the art of riding and being creative? Is riding a board a sport, an art, perhaps both?

  2. Trevor Behler Says:

    More of an art than a sport for sure. No one ever really wins in a contest anyway, its only for the temporary satisfaction of beating your friends and padding your bank account. Documenting pure riding for fun is where its at and it always looks the best. You don’t need to train to be good, look at Colin Wright, he still makes wakeboarding look better than most anyone and he only rides when he feels like it. But what do I know? We just need to remember that thinking outside the box and being creative is the wave of the future. Then we will all have a leg up on the competition.

  3. jon Says:

    Wow. That’s epic. A bunch of pro riders going and learning how to get better. That’s cool and all, but…

    Was there any practical advise in that entire segment for the weekend warrior? No.

    Mike Ferraro? Nope.
    A f’ing chef? I wish.
    A legit trampoline set up? Not if you want to have gas money.
    A sports psychologist? Umm…
    Eat right, think positive, stay in shape? Hot Damn. I never would have thought.

    I mean, at the very least someone show me how to make that board with the wheels.

  4. Ben Wilcox Says:

    Take a piece of plywood, bolt some caster wheels to it, set your board on top. You’re welcome. The video isnt about instruction. Its about seeing the awesomeness that is a week with some of the best wakeboarders in the world under some of the best coaches in the world. Awesome video.

  5. Hollaaaaa Says:

    geeezzee!! why people are hating so hard on a sick video??
    People getting better, thats called inovation folks
    Steel’s toe back 9 thats inovation and that is why wakeboarding is where it is now

    Chill with the hate though, its not even y’alls money being spent on this stuff so just chill!

  6. Brian Brady Says:


  7. Kyle Gardner Says:

    lol i thought the same thing

  8. Thomas Sbisa Says:

    any top tier athlete has trainers and coaches at their disposal to help them gain a competitive advantage. its only a sign of progression to see these wakeboarders get the attention that any other professional athlete would recieve. there is no possible scenario that makes training like this a bad thing for wakeboarding.

  9. al Says:

    Trevor Behler is the most annoying person ever, just seeing your name pisses me off, you need to get bitch slapped. disgrace to michigan shredders.

  10. Trevor Behler Says:

    Bring it Al. Time and place. Who are you? I love Michigan and the USA.

  11. Trevor Behler Says:

    I second thought may be you’re right al, I can be annoying and my name kinda pisses me off too sometimes. And maybe a good bitch slap is what I need. However, I am not a disgrace to Michigan. Choose your words wisely and I will try to do the same.

  12. Jeff Says:

    Here is my take on this camp (thanks for asking). A great tool and program to progress to the next level?–absolutley. A game changer that will revolutionsize the way the sport progresses?–not at all. There is essentailly nothing new in this video that people dont know already. Eating right, exercising, tramp practice, dry land practice, ect are all proven techniques. The only thing this does for you is put all of these things into a regimented program. Its the exact same as a personal trainer or coach (both of which have existed since skiing was invented). The camp is not a bad thing at all, but overhyped i think.

    What is game changing/revolutionary are new ways to ride and things that affect more than a handful of people in the sport–Cable parks, system 2.0, automatic winch, a board that flexes, etc.

  14. jack Says:

    whats the song


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