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Munich, May 23, 2014 – Continuation in Hamm: Last weekend Dominik Gührs and Felix Georgii became the first wakeboarders to test the new Red Bull Rising High setup in Hamm’s famous Cable Park. Their session resulted in a teaser that shows the tremendous action awaiting on 22 June 2014. Then last year’s winner Raph Derome will join Gührs and Georgii alongside some of the world’s best wakeboarders. On top of that on 15 June 32 aspiring riders will get the chance to qualify for the main event by earning themselves one of four wildcards available.

Felix who was the first rider to test the new big air construction named Big Willy 2.0 last weekend, has been truly inspired by the massive gap: „Last year I didn’t get the chance to ride during the Red Bull Rising High due to my injured shoulder. That’s why this year I was frothing to get my first hit at the new setup and honestly: Melon FS 360s have never been more fun!” Dominik is also thrilled to be riding in Hamm again: “The airtime you get from the revised kicker is unbelievable – I just love this beast of a gap. The event is going to be mad fun.”

On 22 June spectators will witness Felix, Dominik and the other riders rise to new highs with their tricks and airtime taking them up to 27 metres out and eight metres above water level. From a kicker in a heightened pool the riders make their way onto the Roller-landing designed by UNIT Parktech. This setup along with the two high Sesitec Systems 2.0 ensure that Big Air Wakeboarding will once again we revolutionized. After the tests UNIT’s Johannes Degenhardt is confident that the action will be spectacular: “Felix and Dominik have had a lot of airtime and nearly no bails. The spectators loved it and I’m sure they will be thrilled once the main event is on.”

Apart from Dominik and Felix a good number of other big names have already been confirmed. These include last year’s winner Raph Derome (CAN) who also came fourth in the Superfinal 2013, Nico von Lerchenfeld from Rettenberg in the Allgäu region, Steel Lafferty (USA), Daniel Grant (THA), Austin Pratt (USA), Brenton Priestley (AUS), Aaron Rathy (USA), Brad Smeele (NZL) und Chris O’Shea (AUS) all of whom pride themselves in taking part in this years event.

On top of the wakeboarders named, on 15 June 32 aspiring riders will get the chance to earn themselves one of four wildcards available in the Red Bull Rising High qualifier in Hamm. Those victorious in the qualifier will join the 12 invited riders in the main field and be part of the main event on 22 June. Amongst those taking part in the qualifier are Steffen Vollert, Tobias Michel, David Bittner, Marvin Kalter (all GER) and Benjamin Hoppe (SWE). All of them have already had the chance to get their first hits at the Big Willy during the first edition of Red Bull Rising High in Hamburg. Joining Hoppe and Co. in their battle for a wildcard will be other great wakeboarding talents including the current junior world champion Miles Töller, junior European champion Andre Botta and Christopher Klein who has been voted best German junior rider 2013 by thegapmagazin.com.

The qualifier will set the stage for a real Big Air festival week in Hamm that will continue all the way through to the Red Bull Rising High Crew Sessions, which last from 18 – 21 June. On 22 June the Red Bull Rising High Expression Sessions will serve as the grand finale and thrill the crowd one last time to top off an event like no other.

For more information please visit: www.redbull.com/risinghigh

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