LOS ANGELES, CA, March 10, 2009 – Central Film Company and The Evans-Masters Company are proud to announce that the scripted action sports film “Ride the Wake” is now available on DVD for rent or purchase from retailers worldwide including Best Buy, FYE,, and Netflix.

“Ride the Wake” stars Jenny Ladner as Jessica Evans, a hot up-and-coming wake-boarder who struggles to compete in a male dominated sport with no support from her emotionally distant father and a best friend who encourages her to just “hook up” with a guy. When it comes to the local wakeboarding scene Jessica is a true star, but being on top of a major sport proves to be as stressful as it is exciting. With her intense focus on training, Jessica has never learned the craft of handling boys, until a professional snowboarder shows up on her doorstep asking for wakeboarding lessons, and ends up teaching her a thing or two about love.

Produced by Drew Masters and Zach Evans and directed by Jennifer Akana Sturla (“Kamea”),  “Ride the Wake” also stars Erik Valdez, Sonya Balmores, Eddie Valdez, and John Stockwell (“Top Gun,” “Christine”). The film features riding by some of the world's top wakeboarders: Dallas Friday (four time X Games gold medalist), Ricky G, Randall Harris, Raimi Merritt, Eddie Valdez, and Jake Valdez. “Ride the Wake” partnered with Malibu Boats, MonaVie, and Tommy's Slalom Shop to bring audiences a real insider’s perspective of the world of competitive wakeboarding.

The trailer can be seen at

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