SALT LAKE CITY, UT (July 8, 2009)    Rockwell Time is proud to partner with Axis Wake Research, manufacturer of high performance wakeboard boats.  Don’t miss Rockwell’s wrapped Axis Wake A22, which will accompany the Rockwell Events Semi to local and regional wake events and comps including INT and IWA stops.  The new A22 is off the charts with its Axis AR335 MPI engine, Skybox Slide seating, and Wakebox 900 Ballast System.  At only $39,995, the new Axis A22 is the ultimate price point wakeboarding boat made for the riders’ lifestyle.

Rockwell Time wake rider and Axis Wake team rider, Randall Harris, had the following to say about the A22: “The new Axis A22 is perfect for me because it’s simplistically functional. It gets the job done. It drives great and the wake is poppin’.”  

Matt Brady, Rockwell’s Wake Go-To-Guy is also stoked on the A22.  Matt and the Rockwell crew took our new A22 straight from the Axis factory in California to Lake Powell for Brostock ’09.  “I was impressed with everything about the boat. The perfect pass is dialed, it gets up to speed faster then any boat I have ever been on, the sound system thumps, and its unique designs turned plenty of heads at Brostock,” adds Matt.  

“The boat handles like a formula 1 car and pulls like a Canadian logging truck,” says Dave Sparks, Rockwell’s Event Organizer.

Rockwell Time again wants to welcome Axis Wake Research to the team and congratulates the company on putting out such a solid boat.
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