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The crew at Ronix Wakeboards introduced a little something new to wakeboard rocker this year. Welcome “Camber.” Ride for the first time… again.

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5 Responses to “Ronix Camber”

  1. RFAKKA Says:

    OMG WTF BBQ!! SO SICK!!!..

  2. Rob Holihan Says:

    The slogan definitely holds true… Get out there and take one for a rip!

  3. bigR Says:

    so, according to the vid, if i get a ronix camber board i can do a tantrum, 360, and a backroll!!! that is almost like riding for the first time again! kinda scary that’s all the professionals could do on it.

  4. Will Says:

    whats most annoying to me with this ad, along with every other ad trying to explain a wakeboard… is what does the camber actually do? how does this benefit us? does having a camber force the board to ride deep in the water? does it make any easier or harder to get into an edge? camber must react differently on the water than on the snow. it seems like you either have to be an engineer or deep deep in the industry to get an actual understanding of what “features” and “new shapes”actually do to change the feeling of the board…i just wish wakeboard companies would try and explain clearer… it could be as easy as this…
    “With the change of the nose and tail shape this year thanks to (insert random wakeboard tech term), this board will now react faster or slower, or carve snappier or smoother.”
    i know this is a rant… but i find this uber annoying. I just wish descriptions and stats could be explained further, instead of just letting us know what fancy term they named that piece of tech or shape. even an idiot guide in the back of the catalogues would be rad…

  5. Really? Says:

    Camber on the water sounds like the exact opposite of what you need. The 2 minute waste of time was cool but we would love to see the actual shape.


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