After this Daniel probably did a rewind backside 540… And after that he probably hopped on his wakeskate… Photo: Chris Garrison

We’re not quite sure if people truly understand the amount of talent contained within the sugar-filled body that is Daniel Grant. The kid is just 14 years old and already travels the world beating top riders in the sport. Both wakeboarders and wakeskaters. He will go from a wakeboarding cable contest in Germany to a Wakeskate Tour stop in Orlando and could very well make the podium (making the finals is almost a given at this point). He caught the attention of the industry for his ridiculous wakeskating skills, but that has now transferred over to an unbelievable prowess on his wakeboard. Whether it’s the most technical air tricks or a unique line on a series of rails, Daniel’s skills are second to none these days. And again, he’s still just 14. Check out the newest issue of Alliance Wakeboard Magazine for more from the candy-love kid from Thailand.