Roswell Wake Air is excited to announce the launch of our newest addition to the line! Our new S.I. Surf Rack has elevated the adaptability of the Roswell boardrack line and evolved the wakesurf rack to the next level. For 2009 we are unveiling the S.I Surf Rack and S.I. Surf Tines both more adaptable and usable than any other surf rack in the industry.
With a redesigned upper board slot the S.I. Surf Tines allow not only conventional thicker "surf" style of board to slide comfortably into the rack, but with a narrowing recess at the back of the slot newer "wake-surf" style boards slide in and are held down in place helping protect your investment. On top of signature Roswell styling and design the adaptability of the rack enhances its value for current Roswell racks and towers. We used the same mounting template for the surf tine as we have since 2004 and as a result all of our billet board racks can convert to surf racks by simply exchanging the standard tines with our S.I. Surf Tines. This allows our S.I. Team, S.I. Caddy, Supra, Cobalt, and Glastron racks to convert over to the best surf rack available. To top off the adaptability category all Roswell Area 52, Larson Senza and LXI towers will also benefit from the standard template and convert over with the S.I. Surf Tines. FEATURES + BENEFITS
We asked Marc Poirier in New Product Development at Roswell about the new surf racks and here’s what he had to say – "We kept having our dealers ask for a surf rack to go alongside our boardrack line up and after completing the S.I. Ski Rack for 2008 we set our sights on our own surf rack. Initially we set out with the elementary idea to put to market a wide slotted surf tine but upon further inspection of the available products and through valuable feedback from our dealers and customers we recognized that there isn't a bonafide rack on the market that works well across the spectrum of wake surfing boards. With varying thicknesses right from thin skim boards to traditional 2"+ surf boards a wide universal slot doesn't keep the narrow boards from moving around and traditional racks clearly don't work with oversized surfboards."

While working through the development process here in house we came up with the idea of narrowing a recess in the top slot allowing the wake-surf style boards to be slotted securely in the back of the rack. Through our unique 3D printing capabilities we were able to see that if we worked the recess properly we could not only allow the wake-surf boards and conventional surfers to fit but by basing the design off of the existing boardrack tines the S.I. Surf Tine would cross over and work with all our existing racks and even regular wakeboards. To top it all off, upon testing of our initial prototype, we found the real world uses are going to exceed our expectations- Everything from concave and some bi-level wakeskates to nearly all surf style boards are going to fit and stay put with the new design.  

When we presented the product in house we quickly found out from our in house sales department that a conversion kit for existing racks would have to become part of the line and as a result we are pumped to offer not only the complete S.I. Surf Rack but also the S.I. Surf Tines beginning in early 2009.
For more information on the S.I. Surf Rack e-mail or check in with your local authorized Roswell dealer today. For the complete 2009 line up stay tuned to in the coming weeks.