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Erik Ruck doesn’t spend much time on the social networks, but with Instagram he’s slowly making his entrance into the virtual lifestyle we all love to lead. Below are some of his favorite shots taken with his very own camera phone. That’s right I said camera phone. Remember those? And the people too cheap or stubborn to buy them would tape a digital camera to the back of their flip phone? My how times have changed…



Photo # 1 – This is obviously from our wedding and a photo that I had on my phone for a while. It’s one of my favorites so I took it and messed around with it in a color splash app and posted it up on our 2 year anniversary. Insta-love.



Photo # 2 – Here we have a great one of radar when we were all out in Seattle for the first premier of Defy. Afterwards Parks, Danny, Chowder and I all stuck around to hang out at radar and go to a seahawks game to celebrate the video. This particular morning I was up before everyone stuck on east coast time so I was wandering the shore and got to see a different side of radar that morning.



Photo # 3 – Yonder Mountain String Band at the Beacham in Orlando, Florida. This is the first year they out-grew the social and even packed out the Beacham. It was the first show I’d seen there. The sound was awesome and we were were able to get up close and snap sweet pics like these. The club actually found this photo after I took it and reposted it on their page, so I guess it was my first band photo gig. haha.



photo # 4 – It’s no secret that I have a green thumb, and I couldn’t resist this pic of my Bismark Nobilis Palm a couple of weeks back. We’ve had some pretty harsh freezes the last few winters so usually in February the palms are struggling, but due to this mild winter in Florida my yard is looking great.



Photo # 5 – This is my most liked photo on instagram coming in hot with 80 + likes. It’s my Wife Joi and Terri just a bit after new years. I was out on the boat with my mom on a georguos evening, so the girls started messing around with the paddle boards. They came in between me and the sun and I caught a good one…

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