May 25th, 2013 by Submitted

Roswell Wake Air Team rider Rusty Malinoski rides in Tampa FL with his newly installed Neptune 8.0 speakers in his Mastercraft X Star.

Roswell’s new Neptune 8.0 speaker spent some serious time in development with our talented designers and engineers being perfected to hold up to the highest marine-grade performance levels. Find out more by following the link below:

4 Responses to “Rusty Malinoski and Roswell’s Neptune 8.0”

  1. Jared H. Says:

    Awesome! Rusty is looking better than ever this year.

  2. OTT Says:

    Sick move at the end there with the rewind!

  3. why? Says:

    Did someone get payed to edit and film this? Its terrible…

  4. Jack Blodgett Says:

    I filmed and edited this video. Thanks man!

    Jack Blodgett


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