September 6th, 2013 by Spencer Norris

Rusty Malinoski takes a moment to reflect on 2013, his career and personal position in the sport today.

16 Responses to “Rusty Malinoski Season Perspective”

  1. Colin Says:

    So much respect for Rusty. He can pretty much do everything and its big, technical, switch, regular, smooth and done with style. Definitely gets better every year. Big ups from MN! Keep killing it. Fun to watch.

  2. boomsmack Says:

    rider of the year?????

  3. JJ Says:

    This video just gave me chills. Rusty is the man.

  4. Michael Williams Says:

    His sponsors must be very proud to have such a hard working solid guy to represent them. Definitely a good role model for the young people in our sport.

  5. Nice Says:

    Class act.

  6. jim powers Says:

    A genuine role model … for anyone!
    Pure wakeboarding.

  7. legit Says:

    rusty is going to be like murray and be killing it close to his 40s

  8. Steve Gould Says:

    i wish rusty was my dad

  9. SETx Wake Says:

    quality stuff right here! respect.

  10. Matthew Houser Says:

    Man whenever I hear stories about Rusty they are always about how nice of a guy he is first and then about how dedicated and hard working he is. There’s a reason he’s gotten to where he is and he shows it every day. Props Rusty.

  11. Steve Pinheiro Says:

    yeah Rus, killing it! truck driver on lock.

  12. Steven Says:

    Dude goes SO HUGE. Wow! And a double grab at the same time osmosis??? My mind is blown. Thank you Rusty for wakeboarding

  13. Ian Smith Says:

    always good vibes coming from Rus! putting out a good image and staying on top of his riding… we need more young riders with the same attitude

  14. Ryan Fitzgerald Says:

    So cool to see him get into crossfit. Such a great training tool to keep you in top shape for riding!

  15. Travis Moye Says:

    Great video…love you buddy!

  16. Andrew Masi Says:

    The day Rusty does a double flip its going to be 30 feet in the air. So sick!


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