Wakeboard and Waterski Cable parks in San Diego
When: Aug. 12th
What time: 7pm
Where: Santee City Buildings on Magnolia

Let's make this happen. For those of you who don't know, Santee Lakes is in the works to hopefully get a wakeboard/waterski Cable Park put in.  It is a cable pull system with jumps, rails, and perfect water all the time that allows us all to enjoy our sport without a top of the line $70k boat.  It will also bring the sport to many more people.  

So please, get your friends and family and go out and support the cause.

The Santee Lakes Wakeboard Cable Park has a City Council Hearing on August 12th at 7pm at the City Buildings on Magnolia. Can you help spread the word? They need the support and as many people to show up as possible!    

Check wakeports.com