“Sets in Motion” premiered on Saturday at Mile High Wakeboarding in Milliken, Colorado.  After three years of planning and filming, Amber Wing and Oakley’s vision of an all-female wakeboard film came to life. Amber brought the pro women together to create a project that would push female wakeboarding and get young girls stoked to ride. Riders such as Amber Wing, Melissa Marquardt, Hayley Smith, Rebecca Gange, Nicola Butler and Angelika Schriber traveled across the U.S., Europe and Australia to film. “I think it’s going to boost women’s wakeboarding to the max. All the girls out there will be inspired by the tricks we do and it will push them to do those sort of tricks,” said Angelika Schriber.

The premiere started off on Saturday with a cable demo from the riders. All of the girls threw down and cheered each other on from the dock. The demo was followed by an autograph session where the riders happily signed posters and boards and took pictures with their fans. Before the premiere we chatted about the different places they filmed.  They all laughed as they told stories about their favorite trip, the trip to Wakestock, and how much they enjoyed working together. The video premiered later that night and girls from all around Colorado came out to watch. After the premiere, the riders spent all day Sunday teaching girls to get up on the cable for the first time.

“Sets in Motion” showed a new level of women’s wakeboarding. The video features cable, boat and wakeskating and is sure to get any rider excited to go out and learn new tricks.  All of the women in “Sets in Motion” are an inspiration to female riders both in the film and in person. “Sets in Motion” will be available for free download on August 19th at http://www.youtube.com/oakleywomen.