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It’s friday which is usually everyone’s lucky day, but today it’s all yours. Liquid Force and Alliance have teamed up for this friday giveaway of a 2012 138 Shane Hybrid. Why? Because we’re ballin’ out of control and want you to join us. All you have to do is log in through facebook and leave your best caption for the above photo of Shane in the comments section. And please people, leave his nose out of it. Everybody nose you were thinking about it, but it’s off limits.


The winner will be decided by Shane and the LF crew and announced monday afternoon at 5PM PST

87 Responses to “Shane Hybrid Giveaway:”

  1. Patrick Houston Says:

    “Come at me Bro!”

  2. Mark Pfister Says:

    Which one of you f’rs just shat on my car!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mark Pfister Says:

    Guns don’t kill people, I kill people. Old School Happy Gilmore reference.

  4. Eleazar Herevia Says:

    Epic victory lap after the slap off with Leriche..

  5. Brian Tajer Says:

    “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird” – The Notebook

  6. Adam Henrie Says:

    Shane after realizing it’s his personal board being given away

  7. Glen Burk Says:

    no bird is gonna shit on my tattoo on my back

  8. Craig Calvank Says:

    Bird 1 – “Hey is that Parks?”
    Bird 2 – “No. It’s Shane”
    Brid 1 – “Oh…Lets get the hell outta then”

  9. Reid Louis Nelles Says:

    “which one of you is Steven Segull? I just want an autograph!”

  10. Robb Says:

    “Follow me my animal friends”. Shane Venture Pet Dic

  11. Barry N. Says:

    Which one of you bastard birds ate my leg??? NO Matter, Don’t you know Danger can lay down a dum dum or bust up a rail with only one good leg!?!?!?!

  13. Broc Schall Says:

    We are with you, sire! For Sparta, for freedom, to the death!

  14. Anthony Viviano Says:

    Even legends can go full retard every once in a while

  15. Brant Bower Says:


  16. Greg Whitehead Says:

    “Shane – ever the ladies man, was always a big hit with the birds”

  17. Jeffrey Mile Says:

    Shane always a fan of music, does his bast flock of seagulls impression!

  18. Dave Miller Says:

    “So Take these broken wings, and learn to fly again, learn to live so free”

  19. Nicholas Levi Kelly Says:


  20. James Rock Says:

    “I thought we could all be friends! Don’t go!!!”

  21. Slayden Johnson. Says:

    You, flock of seagulls, you know why we’re here?

  22. Jeffrey Mile Says:

    *Shane always a fan of music, does his best flock of seagulls impression!

  23. BunB Says:

    “They took our job! Derka durrrr, back to the pile!!”

  24. Jeffrey Mile Says:

    Shane’s reaction after he found out Wu-Tang was reuniting…

  25. david oldham Says:

    Early bird gets the worm

  27. Spencer T Says:

    Guys… I didn’t pull Harley in the first round of BROstock this year!

  28. Slayden Johnson. Says:

    Is this some strange metaphor for shanes haircut?

  29. Daniel Springer Says:

    Running picture from the new movie Chariots of Fire II: Bridge of Birds.

  30. Andrew Vander Stoep Says:

    I want to fly like a seagull, into the future.

  31. Andrew Vander Stoep Says:

    These flying rats are trying to eat me!

  32. Joey Delk Says:

    The Birds are dropping bombs! Abort! Abort!

  33. Michael Vincz Says:

    And the next contestant on THE PRICE IS RIGHT….. Shane “Danger” Bonifay COME ON DOOWWWWWNNNNNN!!!!!!!!! Shane” yyeeeeeeeaaaaaaasahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!”

  34. Michael Vincz Says:

    And together we fly!!

  35. Darrell Eskritt Says:

    GUYS! Wait for me! I brought gas money this time! GUYS! I said wait! Guys… Maybe I should shower more often…

  36. Andrew Vander Stoep Says:

    I want to fly like a seagull, seagull, seagull, (steve miller band gots nothing on me!)

  37. Patrick McIntosh Says:

    Shane how fly are you today? Oh…still on the ground?

  38. Jeffrey Says:

    Bob needs a chop after such a total tommy move

  39. Raff Sencion Says:

    It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s THE SHANE!!!

  40. Anthony Ciardelli Says:

    “Pffft, who directed your movie Parks? John Woo’s directing mine!”

  41. Gofko Vassilev Says:

    come on it’s almost summer let’s go ridin!

  42. Gofko Vassilev Says:

    come on it’s almost summer let’s go have fun and ride

  43. Richard Davis Says:

    “I got a dollar, I got a dollar, I got a dollar hey hey hey hey!”

  45. charlie young Says:

    where my birds at!!

  46. Steve Snyder Says:

    The Birds Stole Shane’s Doritos

    Shane Loves Doritos

  47. Zach Nall Says:

    Hey..Hey…Hey no pooping. No pooping on my boat. Next bird that poops on my boat is going get dropped in on by my fist.

  48. Pedro EA Says:

    “Shanne fleeing a bombing seagull poop. They have laser sights!”

  49. Pedro EA Says:

    Sorry… correction
    “Shane fleeing a bombing seagull poop. They have laser sights!”

    After I win, the caption can be:
    “The winner is Pedro, from Brazil and Shane will deliver the board personally. He is celebrating that will have the best time in Brazil, shred a lot and party, just as Watson told him about his trip to São Paulo, Brazil.”

  50. sara cox Says:

    You birds better not have pooped in my boots!

  51. Corey Stahley Says:

    “I believe I can fly…….”

  52. Zak Nichols Says:

    What’s going on here? Doesn’t matter, it’s POINTLESS!

  53. Zak Nichols Says:

    What’s going on here? Doesn’t matter, it’s POINTLESS!

  54. Chace MacDermott Says:

    is the boat leaving! flyin like a bird to get there..then flyin off the wake with the birds

  55. Chris H Says:

    “Then the Wu-Tang sign appears, in the sky”

  56. Ben Blakesberg Says:


  57. Gilder Hatchett Says:

    Flight of the Shanechord

  58. Nick Giancaspro Says:

    Shane Bonifay chases high birds after a slight confusion of a hybrid giveaway.

  59. Brian Hickman Says:

    I will dump on a bird before I die

  60. Tim Wise Says:

    Bring back my leg!!!!!!!!!

  61. Maxx Evan Says:

    Damn birds always trying to steal my board

  62. Anthony Sawyer Says:

    Hey! over there… BOOBS!

  63. ride Says:

    Wait for me Abbey Bernstein!

  64. Matt Alsbury Says:

    Shane Bonifay is in search of cheaper shipping rates after he launched

  65. Matt Alsbury Says:

    Birds are the best friends anyone can have! (Hangover tune)

  66. Joao Malheiros Says:


  67. Thomas Cantin Says:

    In bars or at the dock, chicks leave when Shane comes in

  68. Dave Low Says:

    Nothing better then Beach Chickens

  69. Blake Kelly Says:

    Shane: No questions asked. I’m definitely doing a “Big Year” this go around! first birds spotted=Gulls…NICE SPOT!

  70. Colby Miller Says:

    Chasin’ off the communist spies….’MERCA

  71. Bradey Price Says:

    I’ll fuckin!…..

  72. Jimmy Almeter Says:

    this won’t hurt a bit

  73. Andrew Vander Stoep Says:

    Keep running the kite is almost in the air!

  74. Thilo Wein Says:

    Shane was drinking his bear and chilling in the sun, just when a guy come up to him stealing his board and running away. Shane got pissed and started to run after him trying to get his board back when suddenly the guy runs over the bridge and falls. Shane takes his last few steps raises his hand for a punch ( the snap shot of the picture) shane leaps aiming for his face, flying meters through the air and gives the guy a … bitch slap. The End

  75. Thilo Wein Says:

    Or one of the sea gulls stole his ice cream and he wants it back.

  76. Charlie Simon Says:

    I’ll Get You My Pretty! And Your Little Birds Too!!

  77. Joao Malheiros Says:

    “Baywatch 2″ staring: Shane Bonifay

  78. Michael Luebke Says:

    Obama finally handed Shane his stimulus check, and the first things he’s going to do are:
    1. Gas up his boat
    2. Buy some beer
    3. Give away a free board

  79. Zach Nall Says:

    Messing with Shane: Group of sea gulls eating Shane’s beef jerky and Shane turns into a fury of flying fists. Unleash the danger in you.

  80. Dw Houston Says:

    Shane stands in the grassy meadow where his hair is glistening in the sun, he speaks-“I came here to chew some bubble gum and kick some a**… and I’m all out of bubble gum!” He charges.

  81. Dw Houston Says:

    Which one of you birds thought it would be funny to leave a nice little present on my new mastercraft interior leather!

  82. Dw Houston Says:

    I don’t always run at birds…

    But when i do, I’m pissed

  83. Jack Matteo Says:

    One does not simply walk into King of wake

  84. Joao Malheiros Says:

    They told me I could be whatever I wanted… so I became a seagul

  85. Dyllon Hubscher Says:

    What you didn’t know this is how I appear for every Alliance event?….. You gotta look as good as anything alliance does (hence the seagull effect)

  86. Matt Alsbury Says:

    Now that the pain of a good workout is over, it’s time for a wake sesh and a beer!

  87. Andrew Vander Stoep Says:

    So alliance who won?


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