Some people have asked me to mention some stuff about them on the Internet over the past few weeks. I can't really remember it all though. Staker is making a wakesurfing video, buy that when you see it. Okay, that's one. Um, Shane Bonifay wanted to tell everyone something … yeah, I forgot what it was. "Hi", maybe? Oh, I wanted to tell Shane that Sparkles (Jenna) was back in town, that's what it was. Also, Rich Facciano wanted me to tell everyone that New Wakeskates are for real and he's been riding them and loves them. I rode one with him yesterday and would have to agree, maybe the most fun wakeskating sesh I've taken in a while and the board had a lot to do with it. Rich also has the best style of anyone in the world over 35. Okay, that's all I can remember.