July 25th, 2012 by jeffmckee

It looks like the Shredtown boys are staying busy in the park…

It looks like the Shredtown boys are staying busy in the park…

16 Responses to “Shredtown: In the Park”

  1. woah Says:

    same ten tricks they’ve been doing for 2 years! progressive bro!

  2. woah Says:

    maybe some more tye dye will help…

  3. check yourself woah Says:

    I don’t see anyone else really pushing rails… They have the most innovative obsticles in wakeboarding

  4. Justin H. Says:

    The Shredtown crew hasn’t made a name for themselves by being the “best” riders, but by being the most creative.

    I am forever impressed by their set-ups. Keep up the great work.

  5. jamie Says:

    I’d be psyched to have that set up…not a bad deal at all.

  6. bandit Says:

    reeder and adams KILL IT!!! it pisses me off seeing that people hate

  7. Graham Says:

    Woah – your a bitter angry person

  8. kevin henshaw Says:

    ya boys. chris your one bad ass mo fo. keep it up

  9. Scott Says:

    Sick riding! Woah, do you even have 10 tricks?? Send in your video. We promise to be nice….bro.

  10. Hater#1/lion-prince Says:

    Can these guys find a song that hasn’t been used by a snowboard movie. Seriously…

  11. don kking Says:

    Same tricks as every shred town video ever released on alliance. Andrew Adams you suck at wakeboarding.

  12. The Spangler Says:

    Hey don kking, since you are hating so much can we see your footage as given how much you talk sh!t you must be killing it, man up bitch!

  13. The Spangler Says:

    Love the set ups guys keep it going!

  14. ilboarder12 Says:

    great setup, lets see more handrail in the next vid

  15. Bonifay Says:

    I have to agree with Justin H. Shredtown knows how to wakeboard, how to entertain, how to build amazing obstacles and how to promote. Their edits are the most watched in the industry. Sponsors jumpin’ on with them and it is paying well. Plus, they are the hardest working three guys I have ever seen.

  16. Bret Nowell Says:

    Awesome edit and riding loved it. , its ridiculous.


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