June 19th, 2012 by Submitted

After a small hiatus filming for Slingshot’s team film “LIPSMACK“. The Shredtown crew is back in action with their newest edit just showing a variety of contraptions underneath their System 2.0. Man does it look like fun in Shredtown!

11 Responses to “SHREDTOWN: Kickers, Pipes, Rails O My!”

  1. hmmm Says:

    “After a small hiatus filming for Slingshot’s team film LIPSMACK the Shredtown crew is back to throwing their footage on the web making full length films obsolete and hurting the wake film industry”

    song stolen from vg..

    front flip off the incline was killer.

  2. Josh Nixon Says:

    That was some steezy riding

  3. Michael Nason Says:

    Last trick was “tits”. hah

  4. neat Says:

    Yes Pretty Neat !

  5. MommyMiller Says:

    I cant believe my dilly boy got to hang out with those fools!

  6. Adam Silcio Says:

    FINALLY! my well was dry! awesome work!

  7. connor shepherd Says:

    why does it have to end? !

  8. Chad Karecki Says:

    shredtown is everything wakeboarding should be

  9. Brett Says:


  10. Bryan Swarm Says:

    Always Impressive, Makes me want to go ride RAILS!…

  11. gwest Says:

    first 2 tricks were so dirty


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