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Slingshot Wakeboards Jeff McKee, Oli Derome, and Steffen Vollert took a trip through Australia. Enjoy the 15 minute recap of the entire trip.
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  1. Haters=jealousy Says:

    Awesome combination of riding and always a great job of putting it all together by Patrick. Well played fellas well played

  2. Huh Says:

    Could we get a little more slow mo and a touch more Jeff mccantriderailstosavemylife.

  3. Wesley Mark Jacobsen Says:

    So sick! Can’t get enough! Sick riding and the smoothest editing! Love it

  4. ha Says:

    Someone is McJealous

  5. Chris Trabbold Says:

    Great edit all around, Oli and Steffens double session was so dope!

  6. BAM Says:

    that was sickkk!! double’s section and the boat riding were awesome!! Oli throwing down some hammers!!! nice work guys!!!!

  7. chad Says:

    Hiring Wieland to be the team video guy was one of the smartest moves Slingshot has made. Their videos are three steps ahead of every other company. Not sure how it affects sales, but the video content is incredible.

  8. Motivatenohate Says:

    Wow, unless I’m the one taking crazy pills, McKee rode several rails in this edit and didn’t jack himself up like I do when I’m trying to progress, and unless your edit is up to this standard then your a liar who never leaves their comfort zone when riding. Not to mention names, coughhggghvcffvg, HUH SAYS!!!!!!! TOOL!

  9. cable Says:

    why is every shot slo mowed nowadays? doubles did look fun. Chad-aka Weiland


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