Yan Thebolt from the waterline

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Photo by Ben Hicks and Stephanie LaVigne

Monday night football in Miami, Jimmy Buffet, a giant Dan Marino-bobblehead walking around, combined with two asphalt-parked pools and killer wakeboarding?  When the Rail Jam invaded the Miami Dolphin’s season opener against the Indianapolis Colts at Landshark Stadium, football fans didn’t know what to think!

Spectators surrounded the event, which included two above ground pools, 50 feet of gnarly rails and a kicker, with a slew of insane riders pulling sky-high tricks.  Top riders such as Brian Grubb, JD Webb, Shawn Watson, Erik Ruck and Ross Gardner threw down for Dolphin fans for over 4 hours!

The Miami Dolphin mascot threw football passes as riders attempted mid-air interceptions.  The riders changed up boards and skates while serving up airs, slides, rails and spins.  Shawn Watson even pulled off a successful railslide-cellphone call without drowning out the lucky recipient.  All in all the rail jam went out without a hitch and riled up Miami and Colts fans got a killer pre-game show.

The party finally wrapped up as hummers and limos dropped off celebrities at the poolside red carpet.  Hopefully the riders got to catch the game before heading back out on the road to bring the Step Up Rail Jam Tour to its next stop…

By Stephanie LaVigne and Ben Hicks