Things are going great on the road. The Performance tour stop, or shall I say the OWC BBQ and Southern Rock Bash took place this past Sunday. You know you’re from the South when you show up to the event towing a BBQ drum with a cowboy hat welded on the smokestack. Bill Porter was a madman on the grill. The Cajun seasoning and BBQ sauce attracted some of the world’s best wakeboarders: Emily Copeland-Durham, Parks Bonifay, Danny Harf, Adam Errington, Clay Fletcher and more. The beautiful sound of metal meeting metal clacked through the air as the 1st of many Southern Hospitality Tour regional qualifiers took place. Mr. Clay Fletcher grabbed a huge upset against Parks in the finals. Using the OWC landscape to his full advantage Danny Harf challenged tour participants to bocce ball and clearly brought his A-game. Good quality fun was had by all. The Performance crew greeted participants with open arms and made everyone feel right at home, down home cooking has that effect.