Check out Steele Lafferty’s new customized MasterCraft X-Star. Steele conspired with Nike 6.0 about the idea to custom-wrap his boat, who then reached out to System AVD to provide the installation and innovative design know-how. With everyone on board, Steele worked closely with designer Josh Sirlin to make the project come to life, inputting his own style and personality throughout the process.
Here’s what System AVD Inc.’s Josh Sirlin had to say about teaming up with Steele to create a boat wrap uniquely Lafferty. “The process was a lot of fun… We’re stoked to be working with Nike 6.0; during a quick stop-by meeting at 6.0 Headquarters we heard that Steele was in need of a wrap for his MasterCraft X-Star. We started digging into what Steele likes and what stuff represents him to create a design concept. I got graphic artist Troy White to start going to town on all the intense graphic details. We went through a few comps until everyone was stoked. Chip (Steele’s dad) and Steele contacted their local MasterCraft dealer in Ft. Lauderdale and ordered the best wakeboard boat and medium for us to work on, an all black X-Star. From there it was all about preparing the artwork so it will look perfect on the X-Star, which is a science. I love the combo of this season’s colors. We’ve done a lot of MasterCraft boats…We’ve got an unbelievable team and it shows in the end result of Steele’s boat.”
Be on the lookout for Steele and his new rig this year.