November 15th, 2012 by Submitted

Stephen Pierce’s full part from Out of the Norm.

Video by Rob Russell

6 Responses to “Stephen Pierce Out of the Norm Full Part”

  1. Nice Says:

    That was really impressive. It’s pretty wild that there are so many people who are so good at wakeboarding these days. That guy was charging with style, and that’s the first time I have ever heard of him. Much respect to Stephen Pierce.

  2. yup. Says:

    looked like about the norm to me.

  3. jewknow Says:

    mad steeze, this guy has..very J.D.’esque!

  4. thatguyrightthere Says:

    shredding so hard, with so much steeze, while making it look so easy, much respect to this guy!!!!

  5. The Spangler Says:

    Nice Stephen!

  6. boshek Says:

    “yup” norm does not refer to the sociological term, most of the guys that rode in the movie are from the the lake NORMan area in north carolina, and out of the majority of north carolina except for gordan cause he is from viginia, these guys are do fit the profile for being out of the norm as they are all around bettern riders than most of the people in this state probably better than you “yub”. they do a good job representing our state


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