September 11th, 2010 by garrettcortese

Slingshot doesn’t have a booth at Expo this year, but the guys are all in town for the fun and gave Alliance a sneak peak at the new goods. This year’s lineup has some huge changes from years’ past for Slingshot. The R.A.D. boots are finally here and feature an innovative “baseless” baseplate. The liner boot is fully removable and made for walking around in with a tougher material on the sole. There is also a completely new line of boards called the Ballistic series that will feature the artwork of newest team rider Mikey Ennen. The Ballistic series features a stiffer core for riders who might prefer a little less flex in their ride. It also features an even more reinforced sidewall. There is even a new “entry level” board and binding called the Choice. The craziest thing about the new boards for Slingshot though, is the graphics. Slingshot is utilizing a new way to put the graphics on their boards that more or less equates to painting in layers. The graphics are detailed and unlike anything ever seen before — plus there is lots of Slingshot’s signature wood core showing through.

6 Responses to “Surf Expo 2010: Slingshot”

  1. yeshh! Says:

    slingshot is legit.

  2. rvi Says:

    seems like there are only 2 sizes of the ballistic ones :(

  3. Garrett Cortese Says:

    There is a third size in the Ballistic series, but we don’t have a photo just yet.

  4. Jp Says:

    Cant blame them for not having a booth. Why would they spend the money when they have alliance?

  5. suga Says:

    so sick definatly getting a slingshot next summer. Its nice that they actually have boards with artwork and personality which i dont see from any ronix boards. The question is though do you really want one of those flex boards for hard landings in the flats??


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