Today, Ten-80 is pleased to announce the signing of  "Rail Master", Keith Lidberg to its expanding team of athletes.   While new to the Ten-80 team, Keith is a proven veteran in the industry and brings many years of solid competition experience, global recognition, and a unique style that no other rider can imitate on or off the water.   His resume and accomplishments over the years speak for themselves.    After four solid years at O'neill, Keith made the bold decision to part ways and chose to team up with the only wake specific clothing brand, Ten-80.  Its a partnership Ten-80 has been waiting to make in its five years in business and a move that was made when the timing to approach the perfect athlete became available.  "Keith is a pure wakeboarder!  His diversity to ride at the top level in all three disciplines:  on rails, on cable, and behind boat make him truly a unique athlete in this sport.  Keith is the perfect icon for what our brand is all about,"  says President of Ten-80 Scott Hannigan.  Keith will not only be representing Ten-80 for the 2009 season but will also have the opportunity to have complete control over the development and production of his own personal collection of high end apparel, vests, and accessories.  No other athlete in wakeboarding will have this much control and this diverse of a product range to call their own.  With this partnership we hope to strengthen the wakeboard industry and provide top athletes with a better outlet of bringing their vision and progression to the sport that they have built.

Ten-80 and Keith Lidberg have partnered up to create Thr3e, an entire collection of style focused, high end wake products for wakeboarders to rock on and off the water.   The Thr3e collection by Keith Lidberg will be an entire collection of  boardshorts, neo vests, hoodies, t-shirts, belts, accessories, and off the water apparel that is  inspired and completely designed by Keith Lidberg himself.  Keith has always been known to be very particular about his look and plans to extend his eye for style to create a unique collection of products designed for the wakeboarding lifestyle. Keep an eye on Keith this season as he plans to make a huge splash in the wake industry not only with the creation of his own clothing collection but with his fine tuned skills and attention to detail on the rails, cable, and behind the boat!  

Keith states, "As 2009 begins to take shape I have already been preparing for a huge season of events, filming and shooting.  Now with this partnership with Ten-80 I will have an opportunity to create and design a collection of clothing, vests, and accessories designed to make you look good while you are shredding on and off the water.  Thr3e is meant to promote style and to help change minds in a sport where hucking has become the thing to do.  I am a huge critic of this sport and now have  another outlet for expression other than my riding and personality…my style.  I am excited to be a part of this team and to grow and learn not only as an athlete and businessman but as a person with strong principles and ideals! "

Keith rides for: Ten-80, JStar, Nautiques, H20 Republic, Freestyle


Ten-80 is a division of Fluid Distribution Inc.  For more information about Ten-80 or any Ten-80 products please email Ten-80 at or call (800) 915-1080.