April 12th, 2013 by Submitted

The Backyard Series crew invades OWC for a day of cable riding.

Video by JB ONeill

7 Responses to “The Backyard Series: Episode 3 – OWC”

  1. justin teich Says:

    hell ya keep em commin!

  2. John Says:

    Yeah, these videos are cool. Those guys look like they’ve got a great summer ahead of them.

  3. John Haile Says:

    So many hammers and so much Steeze!!!

  4. nooo Says:

    zeaches, prespins, and air tricks, nice work boys

  5. barret allen Says:

    soo sick

  6. jake myers Says:

    yall dont own odub

  7. illtypemoves Says:

    ^may be, but that duck sure as F*CK does!
    sweet riding dudes, can definately tell everyone had a blast


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