July 22nd, 2009 by admin

Yesterday I went over to Murray's pad to take a set with Keith Lyman and Rob Jacques. It was funny because Keith bought his boat from Gerry Nunn and is now keeping it in Gerry Nunn's boathouse next door to Murray's…I'm sure Gerry would be thrilled but as it turns out he is living somewhere up north for a little while so he doesn't actually get to enjoy his boat and the cash Keith paid him for it at the same time; wouldn't that be the ultimate!? 

Anyways we caught a glimpse of Shawn who was taking a swim with his daughter Hayden after a morning Nautique shoot, and also got to swing from the tree's like apes using the several wakeboard ropes Murray and Gerry must have set up. It's like a circus show over in Narcoossee. The time I visited Murray's place prior to yesterday we found him about 20 FT up in a palm tree trying to secure a cable for a zip-line from the house into the lake.

 The session was pretty rad Rob Jacques stuck backside off axis 3's and 5's for the first time and I did the pro tour pass of a lifetime…As usual lyman busted out a Pete Rose that was about 10 ft high and wake to wake and then proceeded to work on some toeside backside off axis moves…A great day altogether! Oh yeah, I brought my dog too… 

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