February 20th, 2007 by admin

Man! . . . or . . . Woman! . . . there are a lot of technical aspects written about board shape like “Double Inside Single Concave Hulls” and “Deep Canted Molded-in Long-based Fins” . . . what does all that mean? Well if you don’t have access to an updated version of Wakeboard Vernacular for Today’s Abreast Shredder then here’s a simply worded offering to shed light on one of the latest board shapes to emerge from the innovators at Liquid Force . . . specifically for the ladies.
The Jett wakeboard is one of the most progressive boards shapes created for women. It’s built with a hybrid 3-stage rocker which gives it the most vertical pop out of any rocker line available. Aside from pop the dramatic rocker plays a key role in the board’s response to the surface of the water. Because the rocker line is more dramatic the board sits higher on the water—as opposed to sitting low in the water which means there’s less board interacting with the water. A dramatic rocker slows the board down a little and helps the rider concentrate and set-up the proper wake approach. To balance the awesome vertical pop of this board the hull of the board has been designed with two soft channels that displace the water as the rider lands and makes for super soft landings. The variable edge and sharp shallow rails are more dramatic towards the tip and tail which create good hold on the water when the rider is on edge but softens towards the middle to provide for plenty of freedom and edge release. In short this board is designed to go big and land soft. It’s good for any rider who’s looking to improve their pop and work on those big, slow, stylee tricks . . .


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