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This fall Jade Whirley had the chance to travel the U.S. for a couple months and visit some of the best new cable parks out there like Terminus, JibTopia, Vision Quest, and Valdosta Wake Compound. Enjoy!

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14 Responses to “The Road To Nowhere”

  1. Uncle Brad Says:

    Wow Jade is seriously amazing. Great skills and awesome video!

  3. hater Says:

    no steeze what so ever. you look like a constipated 12 year old doing wheelies on her first bike

  4. Jeff Mathis Says:

    that jade whirley is soooooo hot right now.

  5. thishastostop Says:

    to ride really well at so many different parks is impressive and I love when they incorporate boat riding, but not one Whirlybird? If your last name is Whirly, I expect to see a damn whirlybird!! That concrete damn hit was flipping insane

  6. Jake Southard Says:

    I was truly hoping alliance wouldn’t post this….

  7. wakeboarder Says:

    sick edit looked fun, need a real camera dude

  8. John Dreiling Says:

    Whether or not you like this guys riding (because ive seen a lot of hating on his videos) you can’t over look the fact that he has been putting more work into actually producing edits than almost anyone out there. Not to mention, he does have hard hits and he is laying down some really scary and super creative stuff. I have much respect for this guy as a rider. Keep pushing yourself Jade and keep setting an example of hard work and determination to produce media.

  9. boomsmack Says:

    winch spots were incredible, all around super good riding

  10. BxB Says:

    Jade needs to stop making edits… nobody cares..

  11. Haters=jealousy Says:

    Fuck it haters going to hate. Got hate in your heart let it out!

  12. ASAP*shredder Says:

    NO other rider in whackboarding works harder then Jade.
    I have never seen another rider on this site that works full time at cable parks, doing tours, coaching and lives their life in the pursuit of staying sideways. 90% of the “pro” riders you see in this industry are financed by mommy and daddy…

    He deserves the credit her gets and then some.

    He’s doing it his way and its working.

    BxB… You cared enough to comment… lol

  13. Nick Boville Says:

    Jade…that song was poopy like your breath!!! and “thishastostop” is right….you need to toss in a whirlybird or two! Keep hustling buddy! Sick stuff!

  14. Mark DeVelde Says:

    got so much respect for you Jade … sick edit!!!


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