LF Faithful,
We’ve got quite a bit to talk about this edition of The Truth.  The wakeboard season has quickly come to a close in most of the US, as winter is finally here.  I know that many of you have put down your wakeboards and wakeskates, gone into the closet or garage, and dusted off your snowboards.  You may not be able to get in the water this time of year, so we’re happy to provide that wake fix we know you’re all craving…
There is plenty going on here at LF, so let's get right to it…
Liquidforce.com is brand new and better then ever! (photo)
We’ve been busy giving the website a complete overall.  We have all new 2009 product up and live on the site!  We’ve completely revamped the look and feel, added new features and updates!  Check out all of the new LF product on the site, full product photos, descriptions, and links on where to buy.  We’ve added all sorts of cool new features to the site as well, including new wallpaper downloads, a blog that is updated daily with what’s happening in our world, links to all of our partner sites, etc.  We are constantly making updates, so come back to check out www.liquidforce.com on a daily basis!
Liquidforcefilms.com is busy putting out the best videos in the industy!
Everyone knows how talented Collin Harrington is a rider; so versatile and super stylish in all types of riding.  He’s such an influential rider on and off the water, he’s elevated his game to the same level now behind the lense.  As the head of Liquid Force Films, Collin has got a busy schedule!  Whether out shooting photos or on the computer editing video, Collin’s steadily at work on his next project.  His first two editions of Day in the Life have been posted to LF Films, giving and insight into the personal lives of your favorite LF riders.  We also have teasers posted for the two movies we are sponsoring in 2009, Collin’s own Box of Fun and Billabong’s Out of the Pond, check them out at www.liquidforcefilms.com! 
Danny Hampson is named Alliance’s Rider of the Year (photo)
Liquid Force would like to congratulate Danny Hampson on being named Alliance Wakeboard Magazine’s Rider of the Year!  Danny has had a difficult few years with injuries, so to come back strong and be named the top rider in the sport is a huge accomplishment.  This past year he’s had top video sections, elevated his contest riding, and really become an ambassador of the sport.  It’s all a testament to his strong work ethic and abilities as a rider.  "Danny has elevated his status to an icon within the wakeskate world," stated Tony Finn, Liquid Force President. "His spirit, natural ability, and dedication to wakeskating are the perfect compliment to what Liquid Force represents. Danny is the full package and we are super stoked to see him accomplish his goals!"   "It's a real honor to be named Alliance’s Rider of the Year!  To be in a class with some of the past winners is ridiculous!” said Danny.  "Thanks for all of the love and support from everybody.  I am just so happy I’m healthy and able to ride to my full potential again.  I feel so lucky to be able to do what I do.”  Liquid Force just released Danny’s new Obscura signature SST wakeskate for 2009.  Look for Danny to be hanging out at BROstock, Liquid Force’s homegrown wake festival next summer.  Be sure to check out www.liquidforce.com for additional details and updates.
Watson came out to the MBAC for Wakeboarding 101 (photos)
LF legend Shawn Watson dropped in for a little demo session at San Diego’s Mission Bay Aquatic Center for a group of students from USD and UCSD.  The sun was beating, water conditions were buttery as spectators watched Watson take to the water for a few stellar runs.  We’re always teaming up with MBAC on all types of events, so be sure to check out www.liquidforce.com for regular updates!
Wakeboard World Cup
Liquid Force’s Phillip Soven has won his fifth consecutive Wakeboard World Cup title in Singapore.  The new venue at Marina Bay did not affect Soven as he thrilled the 7,500 crowd.  This year, it was a party-like atmosphere for the Singapore leg of the Wakeboard World Cup. Conditions were not ideal, still Soven could not be stopped as he powered his way to his fifth victory and the US$15,000 top prize.  Congrats Phil, keep it rolling!

Amber star’s in Oakley’s Uniquely
Liquid Force’s Amber Wing star’s in Oakley’s brand new women’s only “Uniquiely” action sports video.  With a co-starring list that includes cover models and gold medal award winners, Amber not only hold’s her own against these other girls, but shines as the lone wake athlete in the video.  Be sure to pick up a copy at a dealer near you!
Spy gives away a new Nautique in a Sport Chalet “Enter to Win” Contest
We recently teamed up with our friends at Spy Optics for a wake giveaway with Sport Chalet.  The grand prize winner was Janet Mendoza of Long Beach, CA, who took home Spy’s 2008 Air Nautique and a Liquid Force prize pack.  Second place prizes of new LF board/binding setups went out to five lucky contestants as well.  Thanks to everyone involved in this great promotion, and congrats to Janet, enjoy your new ride!


Halloween with the Carlsbad Lagoon (photos)
Wakesports hosted a costume wakeboard day for Southern Californians at the Carlsbad Lagoon this past month.  People drove from all over to take advantage of a rare opportunity to gather with fellow wakeboarders half way through October.  Customers arrived at the lagoon and were greeted by Wakesports employees and Carlsbad Lagoon coaches dressed up in some of this years most popular costumes.  The riders were quickly outfitted with gear (and a costume if they weren't wearing one already) and taken out on the boat.  With the eighty degree air temperatures and glassy water conditions, everyone's stoke was at an all time high.  LF was also kind enough to fly professional wakeboarder Keith Lyman all the way out from Florida just for the event.  Keith spent almost the entire day on the boat coaching and hanging out with everyone.  After seeing everyone else dressed up, Keith figured it was only fitting to do his demo in costume.  Lyman grabbed a Captain America suit and took the water.  I'm pretty sure that superhero demo sent the terrorists running to their caves.  Keith informed the  Wakesports guys that he wanted to give his personal 2009 Liquid Force pro model board to the rider with the best costume.  Although the lagoon saw many wakeboarders in costume that day, there was one that stood out above the rest.  And the end of the day, it was Blake Ernst's gorilla suit that won him a new signed setup fom Keith.
Liquid Force takes over FUEL TV!
It you’ve kept your eyes on FUEL TV over the past month, you may have mistaken it for LF TV.  We have taken over FUEL TV, from The Daily Habit to The Weekly Update, team LF is taking over!  Athletes to appear on the Daily Habit this past month have included Collin H, Watson, Amber, Lyman, and Melissa M.  We’ve had regular BROstock updates on The Weekly Update,  with a full BROstock show to come very shortly.  We’ve got some more big TV shows planned for the near future, so stay tuned!
New Collin Ad (photo)
Head into you local shop to pick up a copy of the new Alliance Wakeboard Magazine.  The new LF Ad features Collin Harrington getting his groove on…
I just won the Collegiate Regionals! (photo)
Hey everyone! Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I won the professional division at Collegiate Regionals again…not really too big of a deal but Sacramento State came in first place over Chico, Central Washington, and Long Beach, so we have secured our spot in collegiate nationals this year!  Thanks for all of the support!
 – Shelby Kantar
2nd International Rio Wakeboard Contest (photos)
Returning from a trip to Mexico always is a dread because it usually means vacation is over.  Well that again was the true feeling I felt after I returned from the 2nd International Grand Rio Bravo wakeboard contest in Reynosa, Mexico.  Obscura team riders Aaron Reed and Stephan Schriever were on site to judge the wakeboard contest.  Phillip Soven, fellow LF Canadian Didier Godbout, and myself were there to shred our sticks in the contest.  The ranch where the contest was held was as beautiful as a homecoming queen, haha.  But seriously the place was off the hook.  A lot of the riders stayed in brand new onsite houses in which we were the first to stay there.  The LF distributor Luis Loaiza took extra special care of everyone that rode in the contest.  The wake that the guys had supplied could have been one of the biggest I had rode behind.  The riding by all the divisions was very impressive and there are some serious shredders coming out of Mexico both girls and guys!  They had a "Latin Open" division and about every rider that rode in that division went off.  Alejo de Palma from Argentina took the win for that division having some technical mobes and spins in his run.  As for the pro division, Rusty took home the crown followed by Randall Harris, Phillip, then myself and then a four way tie for 5th between Didier Godbout, Gabe Lucas, Trevor Hanson and JD Webb.  Overall if anyone gets the chance to go wakeboard in Mexico, then hit up www.riobravowakecamp.com for an ultimate wakeboard experience.  Special thanks goes out to Luis Loaiza for putting together the event and showing everybody such a great time.
– Tom Fooshee
Alliancewake.com Amber Wing Contest
Amber has teamed up with our friends over at Alliance Wakeboard Magazine to giveaway all of her gear!  Head on over to http://www.alliancewake.com/win_stuff.php for your chance to win her entire setup, which includes her board (Liquid Force Amber Wing), bindings (Liquid Force Amber Wing), vest (Wing wetsuits), helmet (Pro-Tec pink), and sunglasses (Oakley).  Thanks to Alliance for all of the support!
Robbie Rendo checking in from Qatar (photos)
Just a quick email to let you know Qatar was good!  Reimi got 1st, Shelby got 3rd, and I got 5th.  It was nice to see the girls, we had so much fun.  Liquid Force took over the contest!
Im riding in Philippines at the moment and this place is amazing! Talk soon!
That’s all for now!  Happy Turkey Day!  Stay tuned for the next installment of The Truth, where we bring you all the happenings in the world we call LF!
More big things to come in the future, so stay tuned!