This past weekend was the third Brostock this year, held at Smith Mountain Lake, VA. So far in my book, Smith Mountain Lake is the only place I have ever GRILLED a frozen pizza and toaster strudels, watched Aaron Reed hit a 360 off the double up, and co-announce with Sylus Thurman while floating in the water with a beer in one hand and a microphone in the other. I can’t tell you how many times we tried to announce into our beers and drink the mic. We also got sprayed by just about every rider after repeatedly reminding them that we were holding high voltage wireless microphones in the water, and if the mic’s were to get wet every man/woman and living creature in the lake would float to the surface belly up.


Believe it or not, I did have an assignment on this high stress journalism quest; to organize the greatest air guitar festival known to man. As I spoke into the microphone and watched the sea of people floating in the waters below, I quickly realized that we were speaking different languages. Organizing anything at all proved to be nearly impossible. I did manage to pull a little something off, something that you can read about in a future issue of Alliance…


The thing that gets me the most about Brostock is that these guys are actually “working.” I’d be willing to bet that there are no more than 3 professions in the entire world where you get paid to “I don’t know man, grab another drink and go talk to those girls over there.” I mean come on! As a professional bro it’s your job to hang out on boats all day, drink more beers than everyone else, wakeboard better than them, and pretend like it’s just another day in the life of a pro. Then to top it all off, you have to do it four times throughout the summer. I wouldn’t be surprised if the waiting list of guys trying to get on the Liquid force team is currently being used as wallpaper in Aaron Grace’s office.


My all time favorite memory from Brostock was on Saturday night at around one in the morning. The top of the Liquid Force houseboat was jam packed with people dancing and mingling when the water police showed up. We figured the party was over, and then Kevin Michael from wakeboarding magazine came up top with the good news. “Hey guys, I talked to the cops and they said it’s O.K. if we do it one more time!” And the music played on…”All night lo-ong, all night, duh duh duh all night.” You can never go wrong with some Lionel Ritchie.


Thanks Bro’s!