Tom Fooshee was born and raised in Austin, Texas. After his senior year of Football he made his mind up he wanted to try something new, so he took up the sport of wakeboarding. He moved to San Marcos, Texas where he attended and graduated from Texas State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise and Sport’s Science. While at his stay in San Marcos he found a home at Texas Ski Ranch where his career would begin in wakeboarding. Tom says “It was awesome for me because I had the opportunity to live in a wakeboarder’s paradise.” Now Tom has graduated and has his teacher’s certificate, but he is far from being done with wakeboarding. After winning the 2008 and 2009 Wake Park World Series Championships Fooshee has proven himself as one of the top wakeboarders in the world. Tom has returned home from a month in Australia and agreed to answer a few questions about how he is preparing for this year’s Corpus Christi Pro hosted by Texas Ski Ranch as a part of Texas International Boat Show.

TIBS: Tell me a little about what it was like at Corpus Christi last year?

Fooshee: It was so much fun!  The location is sick, there was a ton of people and everyone was able to be right next to the action the whole time.  Such a great time!

TIBS: So I understand you took home the lump sum of the prize money from last year. Do you believe this gives you an edge over the other competitor’s this year?

Fooshee: It most definitely doesn’t hurt.  There are a lot of guys out there charging it that could take the victory this year, but I have been riding hard and I do plan on giving it my best.  Only time will tell.

TIBS: This year they are doubling the prize money from $7,500 to $15,000, is this going to bring more competitors to Corpus this year?

Fooshee: For sure.  The prize money will without a doubt attract the best riders in wake.  Not only does the prize money attract riders but having the course set up right next to the audience and everything Corpus has to offer makes this contest so enticing.

TIBS: Can you give us a little insight on what you are going to have to do to take the big prize money again this year?

Fooshee: Well I am going to have to bring my A-game and not fall.  I will have to pull out all of my best and biggest tricks, like the heelside 900, along with some mobes and maybe even a mobe 5 to take the victory for this one.