Photos Spencer Smith

5- SkyMiles and Medallion Status
After all these years of hearing every other wakeboarder talk about how they love their skymiles and getting free upgrades, well… I can now say I have been stacking up the flights and am definitely enjoying the 1st class upgrades. Better meals, free cocktails and the extra room, YES even if I don’t really need it, it’s very nice!! haha

4- Germany Trip
The trips 1st stop was Wake the Line where we all met up for the event. We then drove south to Turncable (yes, where we make water burn…) where we got to enjoy one of the best parks out there with rails and kickers or all sorts and sizes. We drove a lot during this trip, we went over the whole country, from east to west and north to south. Rode some sweet spots, met some cool people, but most of all, did it with some great friends. Thanks guys and yes you too Matildo!

3- Northwest x3
Not only did I get to go to the Northwest for my 1st time this year, but for my 2nd and 3rd! Whatever the reason of the trip, I got to explore some great places (Bellingham,San Juan Islands, Seattle, Bow Lake, Portland, Hood River and Mt Baker) with some awesome personalities. And of course the No Beer was flowing!!

2- Texas baby!
Everybody knows Texas has a lot to offer, well this year good’ol TX offered me my best performances of the season.
-Pro Tour stop #2 in Fort Worth, I put together the hardest tricks I ever have before; 270’s both ways, press combos on the rails, 7’s, Crow 5, Pete 5 and toe 9 were part of the party! Even though I might have been a little bit squirrelly in my finals run, I rounded up the week end in 4th.
-Expecting absolutely nothing, I showed up in Allen for the last stop of the Wake Park Series at Hydrous. Raph was tagging along with me as he was in town for Surf Expo, he had spent the whole year nursing his elbow and felt like he was ready to give it a try. We ended up making our way into the 4 men final of the Obstacles Only event versus none other than Lidberg and Fooshee. It was a hard battle, but we ended up on top as Raph got 1st and I got 2nd.

1- Singing with Slingshot
It has already been 12 months since I inked the bottom of the page, but looking back at everything I’ve been able to do with them, it feels like a couple of years! Filming a video section has always been the ultimate for a rider and that is exactly one of the great opportunities they have offered me. Germany, San Juan Islands, Knoxville (I love knox by the way…), CWC in the Philippines are the best trip of my season and maybe even of my life! Going to the factory and seeing how they use the technology they have developed to create their amazing products. The crazy part is that there is a lot more things in the works in the future, we ain’t slowing down, we’re just gaining momentum!