top 5 Wakeboard videos of all time

5) Pre Pop
4) For What it’s Worth
3) Mayday
2) Incomplete
1) 12 Honkey’s

top 5 Things about having your middle name as the name of your pro model

5) 70% of people mispronounce it.
4) Not many people make the connection so it gives people the opportunity for a little fun fact.
3) Marius was a Roman General so that is pretty cool
2) Shaun Murray also named his board after his middle name and Shaun is my hero.
1) Marius is my Grandpa’s name

top 5 Things about having Reed as your little bro

5) He is an excellent tracker so if I ever loose a pet snake or something he will come in really handy
4) He’s not competitive at all so its really nice being able to beat him at almost any activity.
3) Reed has more cool toys then most grown men. He is 19 and has 2 trucks that are bigger then yours and 2 cars that are faster then yours.
2) Reed is a very proud American as am I
1) The fact that I could list 100 more top reasons he’s a good Brother. Shake and Bake!

top 5 Things about filming for CWB TV

5) Getting to make fun of all things serious
4) Andrew might be mildly A.D.D and some really stupid stuff happens with out planning
3) Zane let’s us trash his house for at least 4 weeks a year
2) Steve is a amazingly funny team manager that lets us come up with these super ridiculous skits.
1) Stand up Jet skiing, Ladder discing, Pyramids, Large Handle’s, Ridiculous gloves, Long rope’s, 119 wakeboard’s, Shoe Ski’s, Underwater Photo’s, Teamness, AND MUCH MUCH MORE!

top 5 Things about having a website

5) Web domains can be a fairly good investment
4) Makes me feel important
3) Its a great way to keep everyone in the loop on whats new with me and the riders I ride with.
2) Self promotion is key these day’s
1) Having an excuse to buy the new 27 inch IMAC!

top 5 Things about driving a Chevy

5) Hard to beat the look of a lifted Chevy Silverado
4) If you have ever seen a ZR1 you would want to drive a Chevy too
3) I don’t expect something to break every time I drive somewhere like i used to with my Dodge
2) Power
1) American Pride.

Top 5 Call of duty weapons

5) Knife
4) AK 47
3) Berret .50 Cal
2) ACR
1) Scar-H

top 5 complaints about stuff

5) This top 5 thing is too long
4) Dry heat sucks. I need some moisture in the air
3) People with no sense of humor
2) The fact that everyone feels the need to stand toe to toe with the baggage belt at the airport…HEY HERE’S AN IDEA STAND BACK 5 FEET SO WE CAN ALL SEE AND GET OUR BAGS
1) I hate hearing people complain about America. If you don’t think we have a good thing going here try going somewhere else. We are the greatest Nation in the World. Stop trying to change us into some other country.

top 5 things about having airline status

5) Keeping Delta in business
4) Skipping people in line because you have the little silver or gold card they wish they had
3) Having a different number to call for customer service where the agents are much nicer
2) Crown Room
1) Free Upgrades


top 5 things about owning multiple Portugese water dogs

5) They love the water more then I do.
4) 3 dogs is a pack and I have 3 so I have a pack of dog’s.
3) Only a deaf person would dare break into my house these dogs have loud aggressive barks
2) They are attention junkies so its fun watching them fight for your attention.
1) Kaley and I had 3 before Obama had 1.

top 5 things about growing up at a wakeboard camp

5) Always having someone to ride with
4) Getting to meet 15 new people a week
3) There was hardly ever a dull moment. Lots of pranks to pull
2) All the camp food you can eat!

top 5 wakeboarders

5) Shaun Murray has been one of best in the world for years
4) Rusty Malinoski is as consistent as you can be
3) Phillip Soven doesn’t get the credit he deserves. He is unbelievable
2) Danny Harf is the most fun to watch out of anybody out there
1) Parks Bonifay watch The Parks Documentary if you need an explanation