I figured it would be a good idea to start a topic of the day, so if any of you have a topic you want answers to or just to hear some more about, write us at mail@alliancewake.com, and one of us will give you our opinion on it. Or maybe we’ll give you some answers that may be of use. Or maybe we’ll just sound like know it alls … any way you slice it, we’ll be doing something.

So today’s topic is: Bahama Mama boardshorts in wakeboarding. And … go! … Okay, there aren’t as many Bahama Mama boardshorts as there used to be. By that I mean baggies with flowers on them. There are more palm trees than before (Matix in particular has seemed to embrace the palm tree baggie in the last few years), but I already have palm trees covered pretty hard. But yeah, not as many Bahama Mama shorts as there used to be. I mean look at a coulple years ago or even the late 90’s, and pretty much eveyone wore Hurley trunks and they all had flowers.

Short shorts are making a bit of a comeback, George Daniels was wearing some the other day and boy, that kid has some long legs. They looked even longer in the short O’Neill throwbacks.

Maybe you’re not getting what I mean though. If you look at pages 62-63 of the July 1998 issue of Wake Boarding magazine, I am violating pretty hard in the Bahama Mama department. No, seriously, it’s a pretty serious violation. I think they were Local Motions. My rash guard is black though, so they cancel each other out.