Starting  July 1, 2012 ToWanZa Wakesurfing entered into an official partnership with BoardCo Inc. to provide shipping and logistics support for

“We are extremely excited to be working with Todd, Shane, Stephanie and the entire ToWanZa crew!  We have been  dedicated to the progression of wakesurfing since the early beginnings of the sport.  Partnering with ToWanZa brings together the two largest wakesurf retailers in the country and will help us push the sport like never before.  The heart and soul of ToWanza will remain the same, as will its mission and core group of individuals; the only thing changing is the increased selection and support we can provide to customers.  Being able to help and support ToWanZa as it moves to the next level is an amazing opportunity for us here at BoardCo.” says Mitch Mann, VP of BoardCo Inc.

As part of the partnership, BoardCo will provide shipping and customer service for ToWanZa.  BoardCo will also bring an increased selection of products to ToWanZa including life vests, boardshorts, paddle boards and other items as well as additional brands like Liquid Force, Slingshot, CWB, Hyperlite, Billabong and more.

“We set out to be number one in wake surf selection, knowledge and customer service, and so did BoardCo.  A partnership of the two largest, best performing online wakesurf retailers, with both stores operating at an all-time high has created the opportunity to pass a wider selection of products, better service and even greater savings on to the wakesurfing customer.  With ToWanZa’s field expertise and BoardCo’s best-in-class infrastructure we’re creating the perfect storm of wake surf retail.”.

About ToWanZa

ToWanZa Wakesurfing is an evolution with the sport.  We’re a force that has carved out our little spot in this very young sport we all love so much. We’re a trusted friend in how to surf, what to surf, where to surf, and who to surf with. We are small and lean, allowing us to support other wakesurf teams, companies and events. We get up for this; we work long and hard just to wait for our next hit behind the Enzo. We believe in the the riders and athletes, the manufacturers and their products.  Visit for more information.

About BoardCo

BoardCo has been at the forefront of watersport sales since 1989 and continues to push the art of standing sideways on the water all over the world.  BoardCo has been a part of the wakesurfing community since it began and has helped orchestrate multiple World Wakesurfing Championships.  BoardCo is also an official sponsor of 6-time world wakesurfing champion Drew Danielo.  Visit for more information.