Support for the TSR FreezeRide grows every year. While this event is more focused on the athlete than the spectator, everyone seems to enjoy him or herself despite the weather. Those who were able to make it out for the practice day on Friday were treated to one of the nicest Texas days I can remember in February. The sun was shining, the wind was nonexistent and you couldn’t ask for a better setting for a wakeboard and wakeskate tournament. Then on Saturday tradition takes over and the temperature drops thirty degrees, the wind increases by 30mph and rain clouds move in to top it all off. I guess we were lucky that it never rained really hard, just a slight drizzle most of the day. At one point Aaron Reed jokingly asked to change the event name from February FreezeRide to February Fun in the Sun Ride. But after six years and laying claim as the Original FreezeRide we will keep the tradition alive.

This year due to the drought in central Texas we had to cancel the boat portion of the FreezeRide competition. To fill the void we held a winch jam in the new pond located between the cable and boat lakes at TSR. This lake will soon be home to the new Rixen Little Bro two tower system but Aaron Reed decided to utilize it for the Obscura Winch Jam this weekend. Bret Little took home the title with Aaron Reed and Collin Gee rounding out the top three. This was the perfect break in the action on the cable and added another exciting event to this years FreezeRide.

The cable preliminary rounds began at 10am and saw over 50 competitors in five different divisions. (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Wakeskate & Pro) The riders battled for their spots in the finals until the Fashion Show began at 2pm inside. The Board Shop displayed the fashions for the new season and gave everyone a reason to head inside and warm up. As the finals began the temperatures dropped even more but the riders didn’t let it affect them. Brendon Wilmoth and Colby Mnich had almost identical runs in the finals but Brendon’s ollie onto the structures from the side was the difference. In both the Intermediate and Advanced divisions we saw the best all around performances I can ever remember. The judges ask for riders to be extremely versatile and not ignore sliders, kickers or air tricks. The more versatile riders were rewarded with better composition scores, which turned out to be the difference. Elliot Moore and Sam Scoggins won the intermediate and advanced divisions in very close final heats.  
The same could be said for the wakeskate finals, which had three riders that each had an opportunity to walk away with the win. Bret Little owned the slider portion as usual utilizing all of the structures as if he was attached to his board. Aaron Reed had the best run utilizing the kickers hitting two backside threes and a frontside three as well as a poked out air that only Aaron can do. Oury Yarbrough showed off his strength on the flats tricks, hitting kick flips, big spins, frontside flip, varial flip and a backside flip. His mastery of flats tricks was as good as anyone we have seen in two different Toe Jam events at TSR. In the end Bret was the strongest across the board and took home the win.

The pro men were last to go on the water which also meant it was the coldest for them. Tom Fooshee again took home another title. I could write about his backside 7, pete 5, S-mobe or his mastery of the rails but I am kind of tired writing about how good he is. Tom Fooshee makes it look to easy so instead of talking about his skills on the water I will let you know about Tom’s other strengths. Throughout the weekend I noticed Tom talking to just about every rider from out of town as if he had known them for years. It could have been about coming to college at Texas State or how to do an air trick for the first time or just about anything. The point is when Tom wasn’t helping judge or riding in the event he was taking the time to get to know everyone at the event, not because he had to but because he loves wakeboarding and the people involved in it. I can’t think a better person to represent not only cable wakebnoarding, but wakeboarding in general. If you ever get a chance to meet or watch Tom ride don’t miss the opportunity!

The 2009 FreezeRide lived up to and exceeded all expectations! Because crews came from Kansas, Oklahoma, California, Arkansas, Louisiana and Florida the Texas riders had a new group of friends to ride and party with. We hope all of them are able to make it back to Cablestock on May 8-10!

For more information on TSR events goto TSR would like to thank the sponsors that have helped make this event happen: MasterCraft, Liquid Force, NIKE6.0, Helium, Cable Wake Parks,,,, Wakeboarding Mag, & Alliance.

CABLE Results
Pro Wakeboard FINALS
1. Tom Fooshee
2. Josh Rice
3. Cody Johnson
Wakeskate FINALS
1. Brett Little
2. Aaron Reed
3. Oury Yarbrough
Advanced FINALS
1. Sam Scoggins
2. Donald Konomos
3. Ryan Sanders
4. Reed Leible
Intermediate FINALS
1. Elliot Moore
2. Juan Navarez
3. Ethan Manley
4. John Brooks
5. Reese Phillips
6. Collin Haus (Injured)
Beginner FINALS
1. Brendon Wilmoth
2. Colby Mnich
3. Austin Zielinski
6. David Roehm
Pro Wakeskate
1. Bret Little
2. Aaron Reed
3. Collin Gee
Boat Results
Postponed Due to Drought