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2012 was a good year for Trevor Bashir. Watch and learn kiddo’s.

10 Responses to “The End: Trevor Bashir”

  1. CollinHarrington Says:


  2. Reeder Says:

    killin it Trevor! AK style!!!

  3. dood. Says:

    nice moustache. that white/purple x-star is pretty ugly- as far as the color scheme goes at least. nice riding for sure- needs more winching shots!

  5. Teemo Says:

    Trevor Bashir is LEGENDARY…. P..P…PP..PENTAKILLL!!!!

  6. Jonathan Says:

    That was awesome! I like all the artsy (for lack of a better word) lifestyle shots as well. What song was that?

  7. p_nugz Says:

    wreckless ass block party rockin some random person’s car as theyre rollin thru! hahaha!~ backside 180 indy first hit on cable section SIIICKKK

  8. Steve Says:

    yeah buddy. so legend. nice to see you session the tbs 2013 star

  9. Brenton Priestley Says:


  10. Norbi Vasko Says:

    Yeah Trev! Killin it


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