July 10th, 2013 by Submitted

The Slingshot Summer Six Pack series continues as the RV-riding boys travel to BSR to do some shredding on one of the best new cable parks in the world.

12 Responses to “¡Viva La Texica! – BSR”

  1. ok Says:

    Tea Cup Arm !

  2. sweet Says:

    Yeah Ben ! nice riding gros pourri

  3. AB Says:

    thank you for all these videos!

  4. Hell yea Says:

    Killing it Jade!! Heaviest tricks in the whole vid

  5. patrick Says:

    our forefathers would be so Got Damn proud! got damn

  6. Denis Says:

    540’s off of rails? Jade whirley please become a figure skater and quit wakeboarding.

  7. Jordy Says:

    Man that Ben Leclair kid killed it!

  8. haha Says:

    hahaha Denis funny ! but shut up , Jade is actually very good

    I HATE the bern helmet with the small ugly thing in front look like a train driver hat

  9. Jon DIckey Says:

    Ben Laclair ladies and gent’s

  10. bro Says:

    cannon ball bs 3 was dope! did anyone even catch that?

  11. rayfink Says:

    i luv hearing shit abour jade whirley, cuz i think he’s the worst wakeboard instructor i’ve ever met, but that mafucker rips and does good things for the wake boarding

  12. Taylor Hanley Says:

    So trendy


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