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Most Unique Wakeboard Park in the Country Announces New Name

“Name the Park Contest” winner chosen from a thousand entries

EMERSON, GA (March 28, 2012) – Wake Park Atlanta, LLC announces the winning name from its “Name the Park Contest” launched in late 2011. The new wake park, which will be located at LakePoint Sporting Community & Town Center, is to be named Terminus Wake Park.

“The contest responses we received were from people all over the world through our web campaign and partnership with Alliance Wake. More than a thousand names were submitted,” said Austin Singleton, principal of Wake Park Atlanta, LLC.

The Grand Prize winner is Chase Andrews, from Buford, GA, who won a complete wakeboard package and lifetime annual pass. Two runner-up winners, Justin Fletcher and Antoine Allaux won an annual pass to the park.

The new Terminus Wake Park will encompass more than 17 acres, and have two full cable lakes with a full six-station Sesitec Cable System and one smaller straight-line lake.

“The closer and closer we get to construction, the more excited we get about bringing this fun and exciting sport to the Greater Atlanta area,” said Singleton. “The contest was just another indicator of how excited people are to have a world-class facility that will accommodate every skill level of wake boarders from all over the Southeast.”

The park’s signature will be an elaborate series of rails and obstacles. Many of the obstacles at the park will not be available anywhere else in the United States and the custom obstacles will be the first of their kind in the world.

“As one of the most ambitious projects in the country, LakePoint is truly going to be a sports mecca,” said LakePoint Developers partner Judy Sparks. “We are excited to offer not only team sports, but water sports for every skill level.”

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About LakePoint Sporting Community & Town Center

Bartow County and the City of Emerson will become the unparalleled sports destination in the US with the development of LakePoint Sporting Community & Town Center. The development will include a 300+ acre sports complex at the center of a 1,400+ acre commercial, retail and mixed- use community.

The privately-funded project, will host baseball, fast-pitch softball, lacrosse and soccer tournaments year-round. The development will also include a 114,000 SF indoor facility for wrestling, cheerleading, gymnastics and volleyball. To learn more about LakePoint Sporting Community & Town Center, please click on Like us on Facebook at

64 Responses to “Wake Park Atlanta “Name the Park Contest” Winner Chosen”

  1. Marcos Miranda Says:

    nice to meet you guys!
    i have a project to make a cable park in the city of Rio de Janeiro and the city of Belo Horizonte also in Brazil,
    and I wonder if you guys could help me, if possible you pass me something like costs, and projects of the pond, physical space.
    my email is

  2. Clownshoes Says:

    Hahaha..they gave the lifetime pass to someone who rides for the Singleton Marine Wake Team…What a crock of shit

  3. Adam Silcio Says:

    Terminus is a Latin word that literally means boundary stone. It may also be used to describe the end of a road. In 1837, Terminus was the original name of Atlanta, Georgia.

  4. Name? Says:

    …Thanks wikipedia.

  5. broskinoski Says:

    Im with Clownshoes… WTF…… At least the ATL scene will finally have a legit cable setup

  6. Daniel Says:

    Why would you announce it 4 days later than what you promised? That name is just horrible to be honest.

  7. Shaun Says:

    If they really let someone from that marine group win the prize that is a crock of shit!!!….PS that name sounds like a crock of shit…

    I liked “Cable Wake”

  8. ryan Says:

    are you freaking kidding me ?!?!?! Chase does all the filming for singleton marine group thats such bullshit !!! this is gonna travel fast thru the wake world SMG youve already lost a bunch of customers for rigging the contest GOOD JOB

  9. Cody Says:

    Name is already taken. Not that original. I would change it so that it would not draw conclusions of a connection with a prominent complex in Buckhead.


  10. Really? Says:

    I am a wakeskater at heart. But enjoy the wakeboarding scene very much.
    This is truly sad that a team rider and employee was choosen as the winner. I would be ashamed to say i am from Ga and the wakeboarding Community there. Having a multi-million dollar project in the works, you would think they would be more creative…

  11. jhill Says:

    kinda sucks… might be shady… i’m still going to go to this place more than any other cable.

  12. get a life Says:

    haters gonna hate.

    i bet these people who always talk sh$t can’t hardly ride a wakeboard anyway…you guys are entertaining for sure

  13. yes Says:

    Even worse for SMG to have Vinny Knapp on the team…does anyone know how much of an embarrassement he is to the environment around him? NOT A TEAM PLAYER and a RUDEASS to everyone….SMG may need to re-think their team….

  14. Vincent Knapp Says:

    whoa… sounds like my ex gf is sad 2 be old news… so stoked on the park and cant wait till everybody can all hang out and ride together and share their opinions in person….

  15. Stewart Albert Says:

    wow, don’t let the tears flow too hard. I’m just pumped about riding. Take your bitchin’ elsewhere.

  16. Steve Bates Says:

    I hope you at Alliance know how much I appreciate the comments section of your website.

  17. Slayden Johnson. Says:

    I will believe this park is comming the day I take my first lap. Nothing agains SMG… these are just my expectations from what we have gone through in the past.

    Secondly… with the two terminous towers being built recently in buckhead, the park will NEVER get through the legalaties of this name.

  18. HAHAHAHAHA Says:

    Rigged just like the old Atl Ambush contests, wouldn’t of expected anything else, and Vinny is awesome bitches.

  19. Yo playa Says:

    Like foreal? The name sucks and a SMG team rider wins the name?! I thought we were trying to avoid from keeping this sport political… And the name doesn’t flow and sounds boring like I should be looking for a Dinosaur or some crap. But besides tht lame s*** Vinny isn’t as bad as he used to be. Maturity does happen.

  20. diamond Says:

    WOW. Talk about a comment section. SB is right this shit is pretty funny. Let us just come together and hope that this thing comes to life and we can all enjoy it. As for being rigged, we will never know and should just accept it for what it is. As for old ABC contest being rigged…now that’s just funny.
    (closes tab and turns up R. Kelly)

  21. Rhett Says:

    The court of public opinion hath reigned down upon thee. This seems to be a PR nightmare! #transparency

    Despite the name or who came up with it, I’m pumped about a cable park in Emerson. At the end of the day it will only do positive things for the wake community. (closes tab and turns up Donny Osmond)

  22. RustyB Says:

    Any word on when opening day will be?

  23. Dylan Carr Says:

    Wow! I can’t believe that some of you actually have the nerve to bash the one group that is actually heavily involved with this sport. I’ve been in the wakeboard scene for 10+ years and getting marinas to put time and money into wakeboarding is like pulling teeth! Smg is bringing a high profile park to the area and you still find a way to be dissatisfied. thank you smg for doing everything you do for our passion! Its much appreciated by me that’s for sure!

  24. Yo playa Says:

    Dear Dylan Carr,
    Your a dumb ass cause of course ur Gona say tht cause your a team rider at SMG?! Hahahahaha idiot…

  25. JohnG Says:

    The point is the contest was bogus and the park isn’t opening.

    If that’s not true, when is opening day?

  26. Dylan Carr Says:

    Dear ” yo Playa”,
    Nice original screen name btw. Did you make that up all on your own? Yes I do ride fro smg and proud to be a part of the team. Mainly bc they put more in than anyone else around the area. Talk about giving a bad name to the sport, nothing does that more than all of the trash talk and bad language. Did any of y’all think about the fact that there are thousands of kids that read this stuff and look up to the older guys who push them? Probably not. Its easy to sit back and call names especially when you’re hiding behind a screen name! I can bet after the doors to the park open, you’ll be the first standing in line to ride. That is if you even know how. Thanks for the kind words about me “yo Playa”. Means alot coming from such an intelligent sounding individual.

  27. born on the bayou Says:

    whoa whoa, why all the negativity? this sport is still growing and we all need to support every business, rider, team, and brand that is pioneering what we love to do so much. that includes cable parks!!! this will be one of the most unique parks to open in north america so rather than talking trash about the name or the winner of the contest, why not look at the bigger picture and get stoked on how awesome this park will be, not to mention the boost for wakeboarding it is going to have on the southeast.

    can’t wait to see these same trash talking riders show up at Terminus and ride their hearts out!

  28. charlie sheen Says:

    actually i heard the winner of the contest won fair and square because he thought of the name first. i’m sure others submitted ‘terminus’ as well but i think chase was the first one to drop the name in the box. rules are rules, quit your bitchin

    i couldn’t care less, i just want this oasis to open sooooooooooooooon!!!

  29. Yo playa Says:

    Its just sad that SMG employes win there own thing… Great start And yea I agree with johnG where is a date?

  30. interesting! Says:

    So let me get this straight. The contest winner is a team rider for singleton marine, and the guy who came up with this crappy name for the park?

    Normally I’m not one to stress over what others think. But if I were this guy, I think I would much prefer to pay for my ride time than have all of my peers hate on me at what would would likely become my favorite spot to ride, hang, socialize.

  31. Dylan Carr Says:

    Nice comment born on the bayou. Glad to see some are thinking about the positive influence this will bring to our sport! Its awesome to know that we have a place like singleton marine group that is willing to invest in something like this. Austin puts alot of time and effort into the team and sport and I’m very grateful for that! Everyone should look at this the way you are instead of trying to create a conspiracy theory over a park name. The important thing is we’re gonna have the nicest park in the us to ride at! And its all in thanks to Austin singleton!!

  32. Edgar Pérez Says:

    I’m Extremely Happy the Atlanta area is going to have in amazing cable park!!! .. I am thank full for everyone the is making this possible, SMG for supporting the Sport!, and Chase Andrews. I know him personally and he is a great rider, always humble, nice person to everyone, and he is always been supporting the sport in Atlanta. Well I can’t wait to see everyone there.

  33. iRideMore Says:

    All the haters stay home. When the park opens I’ll be there wakeboarding while all you guys are commenting on the internet. Have fun!

  34. diamond Says:

    If you speak bad about Chase your an idiot. So he named the park…don’t hate on him for that. In fact lets just stop hating…take this shit to wakeworld.

  35. Brian A. Says:

    Why care who won the pass? Chase is a great guy and I’m stoked he won it. I just want to be one of the first to ride, so I can eat it off a kicker, and pee in the clean, clear water!

  36. Taylor Says:

    SMG is a badass group of guys who throw down and are really impacting the wake community over there. i mean, c’mon… “Magic Hour”… duh!

    nothing like that where i’m from. i will be making a trip to Atlanta for sure! its just a fun city in general to be honest. especially College Park with Bubba Sparxxx… where there is booty rocking everywhere. yes, everywhere.

  37. Broskinoski Says:

    Wow this has gitten intense since yesterday taha… Nothing against Chase at all I just feel like it would have been a lot cooler for the pass and board setup to go to some young homie on his grind (not that chase isn’t)… You would figure that the SMG team would get free passes anyways… Not to mention all the boards they need… Whatever… haters gunna hate and politics are politics. Bottom line is the ATL is getting a SICK park… Can’t wait to shred with the homies….. And props to Chase for picking the name that won…

  38. Seth Pangle Says:

    Personally I can’t wait to purchase a season pass and shed with yall

  39. Seth Pangle Says:

    Also, congrats Chase, forgot to post that cause I was still trying to process all that junk above my comment.

  40. Corey Bradley Says:

    I think the name Terminus name rocks, it had my vote, especially when there is actually meaning behind the name being that is is in Atlanta. “Cable Wake”, how original….Nice work Chase…I can’t wait to shred there all the time and become a cable rat!!

  41. Austin Says:

    Seth, Taylor, BryanA, Diamond, Edgar, IRideMore – Guys thanks for the positives. I look forward to meeting you out there! We will be running a month before openning to the public and I will make sure you guys get some special time out there. Maybe you can join us when we have the Alliance crew out for a couple of days. Never been more excited about something in my life. Working hard to make this special for all to enjoy. You guys are right Chase is a great guy and gives a lot of his time as does the whole SMG Team to push this sport. They all are willing to give freely of their time and resources for clinic, lessons, and the betterment of boarding. I hate I created such a firestorm on this matter but will continue to push on working toward making the best park possible. More to come very soon!

  42. Adam Silcio Says:

    Hell yeah, Austin!

  43. Jamie Graff Says:

    There are few things about comments sections that don’t make sense to me. Why the alias’?  If you have something to say especially if you bash a company, a contest or an individual, why not at least man up and use your real name?

    I have known Chase for 16 years and I have never known he was an employee of SMG, that’s news to me!!! (sense the sarcasm) Last time I checked he was sitting across the booth from me in St. Louis on a video shoot for Energizer.  I had always thought he was my business partner at Remedy Films. :-)

    So, with that said what is the point of rigging a contest and giving a lifetime pass to an individual that is a team rider that will already receive a lifetime pass?  That seems pointless. If the contest was rigged, Vinny, Johnny, Alex, or I should have gotten second and third. Additionally, why would SMG rig a contest and give a guy that rides regional for Liquid Force through Matt Long a Ronix setup?  And finally, the name Terminus was submitted by multiple contest applicants, each entry was time and date stamped and Chase was the first to submit the name. From personal interaction with Chase, he was thinking of the name two years ago when a wake park was attempted to be built in Atlanta.  Hmmm……yeah that’s what I was thinking too, doesn’t sound rigged to me or shady to me. 

    Terminus; pretty unique, interesting and timeless name.  The original name for Atlanta, seems pretty solid and frankly bad a$$ to me.  Why not tie the best cable park in the nation to the great city that it’s located in, instead of an ambiguous, lame industry term? Anyone that thinks City Wake, Cable Wake, Atlanta Cable, etc are good names have probably not been in the wake community/industry too long.  The Projects, awesome name! Mountain Wake, awesome name!  Orlando Watersports Complex, not the most original or innovative thing I’ve ever heard.  To address to issue of legislation passing, I guess Delta power tools or Delta Airlines aren’t going to get through legislation because they share the same name. Sharing a name in completely different industries is not an issue or concern to any government legislature.  I’m sure some of you bashing the outcome of the contest didn’t even submit a name for the park. That’s like being ticked about whose in office as president but not even exercising your right to vote, so shut up!  You’re right the name should definitely be AWC or GSR, Atlanta Watersports Complex and Georgia Ski Ranch, respectively. Ha!  How about G.N.A.R.L.Y “Georgia’s North Atlanta Rail Lake for Youths”!!!

    Why not appreciate a company actually doing something for the sport of wakeboarding, a wake park actually happening in Atlanta and a contest applicant that entered a name that won that happened to ride for a company associated with the park? Maybe it should have been announced how many of you post on forum comments, hiding behind an alias because of fear of exposure, retaliation or negative comments.  I’m sure everyone would have been good with the winner if SMG would have used a friends name or Chase’s given name with his mothers maiden name. The issue people are having here is the name and association to SMG. Give it up!  It’s not changing and the name will be loved and said by many. If you don’t like how things are done, you think things are shady or your panties are just in a wad because the Name the Park contest didn’t choose your thoughtless, temporarily trendy or down right awful name, I guarentee Terminus Wake Park’s business won’t feel a pebble in the road if you don’t show up.  Or if you so choose drive 6 hours away for an experience lackluster to that of Terminus, you and your negative aura won’t be missed. 

    In making this post, I am proud and unafraid to say that I ride for SMG as well, and have been with the dealership for 7 years back in the Atlanta Inboard days. I worked for JOA, I worked for Ambush, I rode Hylerlite with Eddie Beverly and now Liquid Force with Matt Long and I have loved every minute of it. I have been in and around the industry for over 15 years and loved working with everyone I have come into contact with.   I never have been or have claimed to be one of the best riders in the region but I support the people that have supported me and love the wake community.  I support what SMG is doing for the love of the sport, progression of the present and growth for the future.  Let’s all be supportive of innovation and enjoy what is about to come the great city of Atlanta. 

  44. Dylan Carr Says:

    Well said Jamie!

  45. Corey Bradley Says:

    Jamie Graff for mayor of Emerson!!

  46. Bs Says:

    What a shitty park design. Waste if money. Terrible

  47. Cole Vanthof Says:

    Lets just shred! I love and ride with all these guys on SMG, GA taking over!

  48. Belle Says:

    Awesome to see the park coming and hope plans succeed! Wanted to express my opinion about a young man on smg team, Some people have been complaining about a few things but wanted to clear the air. Vinny has been a blessing to my family, he has made himself available to mentor my children with wakeboarding he is patient and kind. I have seen him do without to help others, someone out there called him a cancer, shame on you! He has been living his life with a close family member fighting cancer, he supports her and rides for her! For those of you bashing the smg group this company has done nothing but promote good healthy clean fun! Something most families need more of. Thanks smg!

  49. Corey Richards Says:

    Hey, so they promised a cable park, publicly annonced it and it never happened. Same thing has been happening in Columbus, Ohio –

  50. JohnnyTobaben Says:

    I am so excited about Terminus Wake Park! This whole project is going to be a “GC” … GAME CHANGER for the sport we all love, WAKEBOARDING!!!!!!!!!! So grateful that after all of these years of talking about it this dream of having a world class cable park in ATL is finally becoming a reality!

  51. Adam Silcio Says:

    Time to dream out loud, fellas! A new mecca is being created! Yewwww!

  52. Alex Graydon Says:

    Well said Jamie, glad to see some positivity. I would just like to thank Austin Singleton for all his efforts to grow this sport in the southeast. For someone to bash an organization that’s main focus is to progress the sport for the riders benefit is beyond me. As for the people demanding dates, you should understand that Austin is dead-set on making this park absolutely perfect. With a project the size of this one, it is impossible to give an accurate date this early in the development. Austin understands that anything worth doing, is worth taking the time to do it right; not to mention all the tedious legal issues that are well known to postpone such projects. That being said, I am 100% positive this park will be built and everyone will be more than satisfied with the results. Even the haters. Cant wait to see everyone out there! Happy shredding!

  53. Slayden Johnson. Says:

    It looks like the fate of this project is currently at the mercy of the lakepoint development/develpoers. Having worked for a large developer for many years and now a large GC I know how hard it can be to get these things going. Hopfully the development (nothing to do with SMG) can get everything in order and get started soon.

    Thanks SMG for your efforts… and be easy on Vinny, we have all been 21before.

  54. buddin Says:

    Syked. So when will it open. Drove by the site the other day and wasnt sure where it is going.

  55. randy layhee Says:

    While I think that the SMG guys are trying to make something great here, I think that it’s a poor business decision for them to begin marketing the park like this until they are able to PHYSICALLY break ground on the project. Atlanta riders have seen project after project come and go over the years, and yet there is still no cable park!! If this thing happens, SMG will be a local heros, and everyone will come out and ride no matter what the park is named. But if it fails, I would only hope that those who attempt it in the future will learn something, and begin their marketing campaign with an opening date, and a photo of a hole in the ground.

  56. Jeff Mathis Says:

    This is going to be a great place with great people and if you don’t believe that then don’t come out. I’m pumped to be a part of it, SMG, and I know everyone else is. Austin is a great guy and he’s going to do it the way he sees fit. All we can do is be patient and cut out all the negativity. Now, get off the internet and go ride.

  57. Daniel Says:

    Colley Park Bubba Spark

  58. Tim Says:

    Maybe I missed it through all of the ranting about the contest but can someone answer what has already been asked? When is this going to open? states this Spring. It’s Spring already and from what the article said above the ground hasn’t even been broken yet…is there a new tentative opening date?

  59. Alex Graydon Says:

    Tim, we were absolutely hoping on nearing completion by now. The fact of the matter is that it’s going to take more time than previously anticipated. As I previously said, Austin is going to make this park perfect. If that means postponing the opening date than it will be worth it in the end. We look forward to seeing you out there!

  60. Dan Milk Delcorio Says:

    so much hating in the world today……..

    For you ATL folk just be happy some one is trying to bring a park to the area. Take note from some recent projects across the states. These parks are not an easy task to get open. So many politics and obstacles. People just don’t know what cable parks are and so there is always resistance! I waited for a year and a half to see the group behind Hydrous cable park in Allen, TX get open. Because of their resiliency they made it happen, even after having to relocate the whole entire park!

    My piece of advice on opening date, wait till you see them break ground. That’s a pretty good indicator the process is moving along. And even after that understand politics can still happen and postpone opening day. Patience young jedis!

    Best of luck to WPA group, hope this project happens and I have another location to travel to for some shred!!

  61. dirty Says:

    Build the park somewhere where there aren’t people who are going to cry and bitch about who won a contest!!! Its going to be nice to ride there, except for having to deal with the ATL people who suck ass and bitch about everything…

  62. George Obser Says:

    Now THIS is FUNNY. Chase, wasn’t that the name we decided upon for the Wake Park I was working on in southwest Atlanta at my current Three Event Lake.

    I can print the email I sent out to our design team that included the name Terminus….very low rent move.

    Looking forward to seeing the completed park. I wonder how many will drive that far north up I-75 when one another park is located close to the City Limits????

    George Obser
    Owner, WaterSki Atlanta, Inc.

  63. Chris Curran Says:

    I have met Chase when he worked for Water Sports Central and he was always polite and respectful. Not really sure why all the comments against him. Is it really going to ruin your day that he won the contest? Are you really not going to ride because you yourself didn’t get a free pass or a wake board set up?
    If you guys stopped wasting your time writing negative post’s and supported the sport by helping out with planning the park or teaching someone to wake board I think your time would be better served! Congrats Chase! If there is anything I can do to help the park out..I can volunteer some of my time!

  64. Nate Benninger Says:

    I bought a boat a couple years ago from SMG. Not one time has anyone of their employees or riders ever been a dick. If something would break they would fix it, ever had a question they would answer it. I’ve either partied or rode with a lot of their guys, mostly partied. There is a lot of awesome guys from SMG, riders or employees. Who gives a shit if someone from SMG won a pass for life. At least you know he will use it! All the hating is ridiculous. Especially if you don’t even know the person. I also love how most of the people crying had to hide behind a false name. We should just be glad that there will be a bad ass park in the A soon.


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