This weekend was the third and final stop of the Wakepark Triple Crown presented by Monster Energy Drink and Alliance Wakeboard Magazine. Hydrous Wake Park  played host to the event literally opening up just days before. Their facilities are top notch including 7 unit obstacles, a system 2.0 park, and plenty of those platinum blonde Texas gems. Once again, Tom Fooshee was a force to be reckoned with in all categories, but when it came to obstacles only, The French Canadian brothers Raphael and Olivier Derome refused to slow their roll and rounded out the day in the top 2 spots. They’ve spent all summer at home honing in their skills in their own two way backyard cable park, and their hard work paid off. Other highlights in the obstacle only division included Shance Bonifay, Bob Soven, Brenton Priestley and Mitch Langfield.

When it came to the men’s professional full cable division, Tom dominated the field of competitors and took the title for the third consecutive stop, which also crowned him King in the overall standings. Tom has been on top of his game throughout the series, and stop # 3 was no exception. In the women’s professional division, Angelica Schriber threw down several air tricks, and took to the rails with style and precision, rounding out the field as top seed. In pro wakeskate we saw Texan Aaron Reed make an appearance over the weekend, as well as Travis Doran, Bret Little, and Daniel Grant. Daniel Grant proved to be the victor with his consistency that can only be achieved through the powers of candy.

To round out the weekend on saturday night Alliance and Monster threw down $1000 bucks cash to watch all the riders duke it out on the Unit quarter pipe in the system 2.0 park. Cable park operations manager Cody Johnson was boosting at least 5 feet out off the top busting big backside indy pokes to disaster stalls on the way down, Brenton Priestley was also launching some massive pokes as was Shane Bonifay, and also a new name Brady Webb came in with some tricks up his sleeve. After Cody’s insane boosts and Brady Webb’s corked 360 the audience voted for a three man ride off where once again, Brenton Priestley perfected his airs, but the real show began when Cody landed an invert onto the top deck and Brady rode out of a corked 540. There was some serious progression on the water and eventually Brady was crowned the champ.

It’s been an incredible 3 stop series from Winnipeg to Tampa and wrapping up in Allen, TX. THis is it for 2011, we look forward to another great series in the 2012 season. COngratulations again to Tom Fooshee and all of our champions throughout the events.

Brenton Priestley tail grab.

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