August 31st, 2010 by alliance

The Wakeology Wakeboards team recently made a trip down to Texas to shoot a promo video for some of their new boards. Their riders drove from all over the country to stay out at the SeTX lake for the week. While they spent the majority of the time on the lake, the SeTX crew put the team on some pretty good water in the surrounding areas; spots usually reserved for the locals only.

One of those spots was Cow Bayou. Photographer, Matt Fruge, was on board for one of the crack-of-dawn sessions, and the early morning light produced some quality shots of several of the riders. The team members that made the trip were Jake Sonnevelt, Jonathan Nadolski, Nikki Wilhoite, Logan Farris, Diego Shaw, and Marshall Waters. Enjoy!

Text and Photos By: Matt Fruge

17 Responses to “Wakeology Crew Visits SeTX”

  1. Denise Farris Says:

    Great job covering the Wakeology Crew Matt! Many thanks to Alliance as well!

  2. j hebert Says:

    Nice photos matt !!

  3. Jordan Coffey Says:

    Heres some shots from outside of the Bayou. Great stuff Matt, to bad you didn’t make it out for the river!

  4. Matt Fruge Says:

    Thanks guys. Yeah Jordan, I wish I could have made it out there. Nice pics bro.

  5. LoGnar Says:

    super sick photos man.

  6. Jake Sonnevelt Says:

    Thanks Matt for the shots and thanks to Alliance to giving Wakeology a shout out!

  7. Nikki Wilhoite Says:

    that is some a picture taken! (;
    Matt those are seriously shots that should be in a magazine most certainly, good work team!! (:
    and Alliance much much much much thanks to get wakeology a little shout out!

  8. Matt Fruge Says:

    Why thank you kindly:) Maybe one day I’ll end up in one…(*hint*hint Alliance:) )

  9. daniel Says:

    wakeology is a fucking joke of a company. thats why no major wakeboard shops dont carry their shitty ass boards. their rider robert abshire is a damn clown and should quit wakeboarding imediately.

  10. mike Says:

    wheres robert absher and D.F.T.R. Josh? i see no photos of their heinous riding…

  11. Matt Fruge Says:

    is that really necessary guys? you don’t like their boards, don’t ride em. you don’t like their riders, don’t watch em. but don’t hide behind the anonymity the internet provides to bash em.

    this is a place to promote and support the sport. keep it positive or keep it to yourself.

  12. shredder Says:

    Lovin’ pic #7. Thats a real board on the rack!!!

  13. riley Says:

    The wake scene needs another brand, more boards sold equals more money to riders and more events. How about you promote vs bash and it all works out good for us all…

  14. Jordan Coffey Says:

    if im not mistaken, that dudes comment would be something similar to riding a liquid force sst but bashing on obscura?

  15. lance Says:

    matt, your the deal son, keep taking these sickk shots and put texas on the map.

  16. Laura Solbes Says:

    Awsome pictures!

  17. Elliott Says:

    matty fruge!!! strikes once again. thas what I’m talkin’ about. makin’ SETx look good. shhhhh don’t tell anyone…. the SETx shred-factory is open 24/7/365. lovin’ Texas right now!


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