(Toronto, Canada) July 28, 2007 –Wakestock’s famed wakeboarding belts were awarded today in six different pro wake events capping the 10th anniversary of one of the most storied contests in the sport of wakeboarding and wakeskating.
In a historic final day both Philip Soven and Keith Lidberg defended their respective Wakestock titles, while Brian Grubb and Shane Bonifay returned to earn repeat titles.

First up was the Billabong Pro Wakeskate where three time Wakestock champion and wakeskate legend, Brian Grubb faced off against the new generation including three Wakestock rookies. Despite some incredible riding by rising talents Nick Taylor, Aaron Rathy, Ben Horan, Ryan Doyle, and Stuart Shinn, Grubb was flawless. In fact he didn’t fall all weekend and stuck the first toeside wake to wake frontside bigspin ever stomped in competition. Grubb’s performance easily earned him his fourth Wakestock title and belt.

Next came the Billabong Pro Railslide featuring the best rail riders on the biggest and toughest rails in the sport. As rail finalist Andrew Adkison put it: “The Billabong Pro at Wakestock is essentially the world championships of wakeboard rail riding.” Keith Lidberg, the world’s premier master prevailed in Pro Railslide but not without a fight from Aaron Rathy and Kevin Henshaw who were forced to settle for 2nd and 3rd respectively. However, Lidberg’s ultra smooth style and high degree of technical difficulty won the day and his 3rd consecutive Wakestock Rail Title and Belt.

The Malibu Boats Expression Session was held late in the afternoon under hot sunny skies and pristine water conditions. The final four came down to Soven vs Jeff Weatherall and Rusty Malinoski vs Andrew Adkison. Soven packaged a perfect run of 11 tech tricks including a Switch Toe 9 and a Nose Grab Crow Mobe 540 plus two flawless rail tricks to dispatch Weatherall. Then in one of the closest duels of the contest Adkison edged crowd favourite Malinoski the reigning WWA World Series champ. Adkison, a two time world champion gave Soven a run for his money, but fell twice, including his double-up. Soven responded with another flawless standup run. Knowing he had the victory Soven attempted a Backside 9, a first in competition, but just missed. Soven’s two consecutive Expression Session titles was a Wakestock first.

After receiving his Wakestock award belt, Soven commented: “I really enjoy competing at Wakestock because it has a big, enthusiastic spectator crowd.  The crowd is great, the venue is great, the water is great, the Malibu wake is great.”
Adkison agreed: “The Wakestock spectator crowd is the largest and most enthusiastic on tour. They really get you pumped up to ride! That’s why a lot of firsts go down at Wakestock.”

The last event, and arguably the most sensational was the Oakley Pool Jam Best Wakeboard Trick contest. The spectacular opening rail transfer over a 14 stair set was where all of the best tricks were being thrown down. That was where all of the photographers and filmers were gathered to catch the battle between Shane and Parks Bonifay, JD Webb, Aaron Rathy and JD Webb. But with a perfect Switch Frontside Boardslide to Backside 180 Transfer to Boardslide to 90, it was Shane Bonifay who prevailed reclaiming the Oakley Pool Jam title he had won at Wakestock 2005.

Music highlights included performances by Story of the Year, Lupe Fiasco and Canadian favourite illScarlet. A record crowd of 39,000 turned out for Wakestock’s four day festival of action sports and music.


Wakestock 2007 Results:

Presented by Gordon Bay Marine and Paris Marine
1. Phillip Soven, USA: Malibu, Liquid Force, Body Glove
2. Andrew Adkison, USA: Oakley, CWB, Mastercraft
3. Jeff Weatherall, NZ: Malibu, J-Star, Reef, Alpinestars, Ogio
4. Rusty Malinoski, CAN: Hyperlite, Fox, Mastercraft, Roswell
5 (Tie). Adam Errington, USA: Ronix, Red Bull, Fox, Tige
5 (Tie). Danny Harf, USA: Billabong, Ronix, Fox, Spy, Nautiques
5 (Tie). JD Webb, USA: Hyperlite, Reef, Red Bull, Nautiques
5 (Tie). Dean Smith, AUS: Ronix, Rip Curl, Smith, Nautiques

1. Amber Wing, USA: Oakley, Liquid Force
2. Sunni-Anne Ball, CAN: O’Brien, American Gramby
3. Barrett Pearlman, USA: Liquid Force, Slidinglass.com

1. Keith Lidberg, USA: Gator Boards, O’Neill, Anarchy, Nautiques
2. Aaron Rathy, CAN: Oakley, Hyperlite, Excel, Nautique
3. Kevin Henshaw, CAN: Malibu, Billabong, Liquid Force, Nike
4. JD Webb, USA: Hyperlite, Reef, Red Bull, Nautiques
5 (Tie). Collin Harrington, Liquid Force, Quiksilver, Freestyle
5 (Tie). Chad Sharpe, CAN: Malibu, Billabong, Ronix, Reef, Spy
5 (Tie). Trevor Hansen, USA: CWB, Lost, Jet Pilot, Supra
5 (Tie). Andrew Adkison USA: Oakley, CWB, Mastercraft

1. Best Wakeboard Trick: Shane Bonifay, USA: Liquid Force, Jet Pilot, Spy
2. Best Wakeskate Trick: Stuart Shinn, USA: Oak Wakeskates

1. Brian Grubb, USA: Malibu, Billabong, Red Bull, Reef
2. Nick Taylor, USA: Integrity, Nike, O’Neill
3. Aaron Rathy, CAN: Oakley, Hyperlite, Excel, Nautique
4. Ben Horan, USA: Oak Wakeskates, Nike
5 (Tie). Ryan Doyle, CAN: Gator, Excel, UGP
5 (Tie). Drew McGuckin, USA: Gator Boards, Dragon
5 (Tie). Stuart Shinn, USA: Oak Wakeskates
5 (Tie). Chase Gregory, USA: Gator Boards