Cyril Cornaro Camps

Cyril Cornaro is one of Europe’s best all-time riders. After almost 15 years competing on a professional level, winning several National, European and World Championship wakeboarding titles; building up and running several wake camps, coaching hundreds of riders all over the world, Cyril knew it was time to take all of his experience and start his own school: The Cyril Cornaro Camps.
The Cyril Cornaro Camps are fully focused on the rider, working on their goals as a rider, helping each rider progress in the sport.
The Mastercraft X-Star at Cyril Cornaro Camps delivers the perfect wake.The Rio Guadalquivir offers some of the best riding conditions in Europe, all year around! And with Cyril as a coach, with his personality and experience, your riding will definitely improve.
Located in Sevilla, one of the coolest cities in the world, the Cyril Cornaro Camps offer an amazing riding experience.

Name: Cyril Cornaro Camps
Location: Sevilla, Spain