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Slingshot regional rider Justin Teich throws down in his new edit. Watch Justin shred some of the best local spots in Orlando.
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15 Responses to “Western Nomad – Justin Teich”

  1. Ben Says:

    killin it man makin moves

  2. Wesley Mark Jacobsen Says:

    Atta boy JT!! Such a sick edit.

  3. thezeacher Says:

    good zeach men !!! you can lock your trick next time.

  4. Jhon Says:

    Nice homie

  5. matt Says:

    The homie killin it…!!!! Stoked to see teich gettin some good recognition… some of the best style in the game… straight from the snow y’all

  6. Hmmm Says:

    Thats a whole lot of homies…

  7. Johnny Says:


  8. truth Says:

    Pre spinning a heel 9 is one thing…but pre spinning a 3? Haha. That cable section was a joke. Cant land anything behind the ski without sliding around…and every hit is sloppy..and editor mixing angles with different clothes on…sloppy Ungrabbed prespun 3s and 5s shouldnt be featured on here…one of the camera guys has his settings right, the other is aweful …i hope wake zeach gets you haha there are 6 year old kids at owc with more legit rail riding than this guy #justinzeach

  9. Pat Says:

    I no this cat and he is a shredder he has way more tricks on cable and legit sometimes not all the right things happen with an edit but, he can shred …. Still a sick vid

  10. Justin Worrall Says:

    Second what Pat said ^^

  11. cole Says:

    yo chill, “truth” is hating way to hard for no reason… no respect.

  12. blowmehomiez Says:

    whats up with all these rich white kids pretending to be “thugs”. That alone is more #zeach than any half ass back lip or crooked nose press.

  13. Poptarttt Says:

    All these kids talking crap.. Are just mad that they can’t get a sick ass video like this haha
    Hatazzzz gunna hate!!!
    Video is sick!!

  14. Reeder Says:

    there is no pretending to be “thug” with where we live. There’s a reason its called “The Hood”

  15. thegallery Says:

    keep it up homie……….. Just remember if you have any doubt that your edit isn’t up to standard… to your videographer and get better footie….. but its a fine line between quickly putting a video out thats relevant for your level of riding and having some slop footage. #thegallery


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