“Maybe next I’ll be a veterinarian or a firefighter, or what about a hot air balloonist?”



Tell us about your next:


Vacation:  I’m hoping to go to Bali after a wakeboard trip coming up in Asia. I want to try to surf there and see what all this Bali hype is about.


Cable park you’ll visit: A system 2.0 setup at a German boat show in Friedrichshafen, Lake Constance where I will be hosting the cash for tricks event for the third year in a row.


Time you’ll go clubbing: Saturday. It’s the weekend before cash for trick so I’ll be out getting a feel for the club that will play host for the cash for tricks after party.


Rail design you are working on:  It’s actually a modification to my signature rail with Unit. This is “strictly confidential” and “highly classified” information. I really enjoy working with Unit and appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with them.



Nico going commando on the unit quarter pipe during this years Red Bull Wake Open in Tampa, FL…



Meal you will have:  Something vegan with Dylan Miller. We will probably drive extremely far to find it, so hopefully it will be worth it. Otherwise it will be chipotle all over again.


Trip you will take:  A Monster trip with Aaron grace, Bob Soven, Shane Bonifay and Lior Sofer throughout Germany and peaking at Octoberfest. It’s a great time of year to be Bavarian.


German holiday you will celebrate:  Viehscheid – It’s the day that the young cows come down the mountain and back to the farms where they will be used to produce milk. The ones who are not yet old enough to produce milk  usually live on the mountains in the summer and keep the fields low.


Video edit you will release:  It will be a rooftop session at the bricks with Felix Georgii. You should see it tomorrow on alliancewake.com and cheerwithnico.com.


Product you will order:  I just got hooked up with my pakage underwear so everything is feeling fresh and clean for the time being.


Trick you are working on:  Maybe some double flip variations on my trip to Asia. I love this time of year where you can spend time working on new things instead of traveling from contest to contest.


Time you will ride boat:  Hopefully today or tomorrow on lake Minneola with Bob Sichel. Last time I rode boat was in July and I love it because I learn something new almost every time. It’s very different from cable which I grew on so it’s fun to work on an a new aspect of the sport.