What’s up with this off season? Learn some new tricks to try and keep up with all these young guns.


What’s up with the new whips? The Denali was looking like a shrimp towing the G23 so I stepped it up and got a F250…Can’t drive that everyday so I bought myself my dream car, an M5…Not sure if it was a good idea though because I keep managing to get myself into trouble with it.


Whats up with Andy Lazarus? Hurricane Laz has made his way up to Orlando, creeped out of his deep hole in south FL and is making a comeback!


 Shawn getting booted off the new G23 on Lake Butler in Orlando, FL.

What’s up with the Watson line for 2013? We turned my pro model board and binding into a combo and dramatically reduced the price which is always a good thing! We came out with a new comp vest which is super low profile and comfy! The Watson classic was about to be knocked out of the line but customers and dealers freaked out so we’re bringing it back this year as a limited edition and hope to the sell the shit out of it and keep it in the line for longer!!


What’s up with your new boat?  I Couldn’t be happier with the new Nautique G23!! The boat is a monster but drives like a sports car, the wake is the biggest I’ve ever ridden on, the stereo is insane so much so that my neighbors on the lake hate me now, haha, and the girls love it!!


What’s up with all that dark hair on the floor of your boat? Late night cruising and girls with wet long hair don’t mix, always a funny site to come down and clean the boat the next day and find hair all over everything.


 We call this one the “Watson Classic…”

What’s up with Spencer Williams? A lot people of may not even know who “ol chewburger” Spencer is, but he is the guy whose chain hangs low and knows how to party, some may even refer to him as the mayor of downtown Orlando, and he’s living in my house.


What’s up with women’s wakeboarding? Parks once had a funny quote that we all used to use “what’s worse than watching women’s wakeboarding? Abosolutely nothing at all!!!” But, times have changed and I might now concur!


What’s up with surf expo? The usual, stand around and BS with sponsors and check out whats new in the industry for 2013. My dirty 30 is over the weekend which apparently is a big deal to all of my friends, so it looks like it’s going to be a wild weekend and then cap it off in Sin City to see if what happens in Vegas really stays in Vegas.


What’s up with you and the ladies? They keep getting older and I somehow manage to stay the same age 🙂