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It seems like everyday we hear of a new guy coming on the scene making a name for himself at his local cable park. There are so many guys progressing faster then ever now with easy access to cable parks. Graeme Burress is the perfect example of a kid who is doing unique tricks and making a name for himself. Check out this awesome video of Graeme taking some unique lines at Wake Nation Cincinnati.

Video by Matic Media

30 Responses to “Who is: Graeme Burress?”

  1. corey Says:

    Ronix boots on a FLX?

  2. graeme Says:

    i was waiting on boots in the mail..

  3. Ryan Says:

    Seriously? The only comment you have to make is about his choice in boots? Please keep your irrelevant opinion to your xanga journal. This is a good edit, with unique riding that’s very fun to watch. Thank you, Graeme. And, thank you alliance for following another new name.

  4. Hmm. Says:

    At first I was like, wow, then I was like, ehh, then I was like, wow again. Right near the end.

  6. Kyle Says:

    insane riding

  7. Evan Says:

    Wow! Great riding! keep it up!

  8. chad Says:

    Everytime I am at wakenation he is either working, or slaying it. Props.

  9. matthieu Says:

    Good part ! What is this song, please ?

  10. Marcus Knox Says:

    Fuck yeah Graeme, that was sick.

  11. p_nugz Says:

    super sick, gnar tits!

  12. bro Says:

    sun medallion-king tuff

  13. rance_p Says:

    Your future is looking bright brahh.

  14. Not your biggest fan Says:

    Riding: decent but too fast paced and kinda sloppy. Film/edit: great work. Graeme’s attitude toward people will be the reason he won’t have a future in professional wakeboarding. You can’t expect to make it when you complain about how you landed the first double roll off a kicker and got no recognition. Also be an ambassador of the sport, don’t act too cool for school at your local park while you cut lines and hot lap in a pair of midwesties.

  15. Lknwake Says:

    i like the speed all his hits have, its really agressive, and looks sick without all the expensive shots and slomo… which is something i see too much of

  17. Not your biggest fan Says:

    LKNwaker, I should have stated that it was my opinion that it was too fast paced. I watched it a few more times and i retract the sloppy statement. I wouldn’t say its sloppy, maybe fast and aggressive is more the term. although i may not like that style particularly, I shouldn’t say that it is sloppy.

  18. James Says:

    creative and high-energy, really sick… just take off the damn sunglasses

  19. ahha Says:

    Finally some original wakeboarding…. Unlike 99% of the “pros” out there.

    Huge Props.

  20. TheSpangler Says:

    Silky smooth!

  21. DONT Says:

    Great riding. Don’t wear sunglasses while you wakeboard. You like like a tool.

  22. wankstya Says:

    just like buzz lightyear..falling…with style. kind of

  23. t roy Says:

    @not your biggest fan
    is that you ryan gillen?
    if not you guys would get along

  24. Cole Robinson Says:

    I can’t believe anyone would say Graeme’s riding is “decent”, that is ridiculous. I guess this is the internet though haha.

    I have had the pleasure of watching Graeme grow over the past couple years and it has been absolutely insane. He is more innovative, original, and consistent than many top name pros out there. Huge props!

    For anyone interested you should check out this other video of him: http://vimeo.com/47430427

  25. Not Ur biggest fan Says:

    This is not Ryan filled but glad someone agrees with me

  26. J.B. O'Neill Says:

    Haters on the loose for sure… i thought this kid was sick!!

  27. Guenther Oka Says:

    Graeme is a insane rider hands down! I’ve watched him ride for 2 years at Wake Nation Cinci and he is by far the best and most creative rider I’ve seen! He can get cocky sometimes but hey, he has every right when hes throwing bangers like that all the time!! Good work Graeme, and keep killing it!!!

  28. Rider Says:

    Dude is a dick. He is very talented but needs to learn to keep his cool and not give smart ass comments to people when they look up to him cause he thinks he is already pro. Props to a great edit but loosin up and you have a better future in the sport.

  29. Zach Novak Says:

    I agree with cole. Graeme is killing it!!! I work and ride along side Graeme almost everyday through out the summer and he straight kills it. All day shifts at work might make you a little frustrated too, cut him some slack.. Awesome riding, awesome edit, keep shreddin homie!

  30. Brian Phillips Says:

    Graeme is one of the best riders I have seen I have seen. He may talk shit but the dude can back it up hands down. I’d like to see some of the people who talk shit about him try and throw down with him. It is truly amazing to watch Graeme shred and I am always amazed on the tricks he does.


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