February 5th, 2008 by admin

It’s that time of year again. The time where everyone stops riding because it’s too darn cold. Well if your lucky enough to live in Orlando, this time of year doesn’t really apply to you. In fact nothing really changes around here except the addition of a highly fashionable wetsuit to your wakeskate gear (if your one who cant take even the slightest cold temperatures).

Yet, there are still some that choose to put their wakeskates down for a skateboard and take advantage of these slightly cooler temperatures outside. I like to call these people, my hero’s.  In their search for the next perfect skate spot, these waterboarders turned street shredders have stumbled upon some gnarly new gaps, right here in bro-town. I mean we couldn’t just hit Metro West and Pine Creek forever right?  So the next time you don’t feel like braving the cold water, or just find yourself skating around, take the time to really look around because the best gap yet may be right under your nose.

And if you happen to find this one, well, just be weary of the shallow glass filled rock landing below…

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