October 28th, 2011 by pressrelease

Come up with the best caption (POST IT AS A COMMENT HERE) for this photo of Monster Army General and Liquid Force Pro Wakeboarder Shane Bonifay and win some Monster and Liquid Force gear. Best three captions win!

17 Responses to “Write a caption win a prize…”

  1. Jason Huffman Says:

    Shane makes a creepy smile when i WIN some Monster and Liquid Force gear.

  2. Steven Crew Says:

    When I ride Liquid, I feel the Force!

  3. Tony schmitt Says:

    You smell that too right?? Ya it was me…

  4. nick williams Says:

    What its 2011 i thought it was 1985

  5. Gofko Vassilev Says:

    live a perfect life !

  6. Andrew McBride Says:

    See… I told you I was born without a butt crack…

  7. David McCurdy Says:

    I feel today is going to be narly but bro just one more Monster.

  8. Claudia Says:

    Did you say cupcakes with pink icing?

  9. blake snapp Says:

    Pour another monster in the bong this set is gonna be ragin’.

  10. Daniel lindhardt Says:

    Won’t you be my neighbor?… Please?

  11. mike lacey Says:

    Shane showing his support for Octobeard!!

  12. Ryan Santos Says:

    hands down, I go for liquid force and monster. Nothing can compare to their gears.

  13. Evan Seven Singletary Says:

    Shhh you hear that thats brostock at bull shoals agine! i will never forget when i was working at the dock with all the pro around i felt like i was dead and in heaven

  14. Brian Kosoff Says:

    Dude, that was a goooood brownie!!!

  15. Brett Long Says:

    Karma’s a bitch! Better hope it’s a good lookin’ one

  16. Matt Bockhorst Says:

    Its either Spring Break or you Only live once, right?

  17. will chambers Says:

    total bro but wheres the brewski missing in your hand?


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